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3 Tips To Lead You On The Path Of Success In Social Media Marketing

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The social media marketing has simply revolutionized the way businesses, particularly small businesses, communicate with their customers. It is especially useful for such small businesses as cannot afford to launch their own online communities. But while dealing with customers online you should be very careful to adopt the best practices in this arena and not let yourself down by adopting any wrong practice. This is very important because otherwise, on the one hand your resources and time will be wasted and on the other hand it may mar your reputation in the market as a clumsy or inefficient business entity. So, to help you in this direction, the below discussed three tips will  prove quite valuable and optimize the returns from your social media marketing-

1. Be human and responsive/transparent

Customers usually strike relationships with other people more quickly than with the business enterprises.  But you can check this trend if you lend a more humanistic touch to your social media interactions with your customers. This can be done rather easily by some simple changes in your style such as including some pleasing picture in place of a faceless and monotonous business logo in your profile or by making a couple of your associates in the business your social media voice.

The other important thing in humanizing your business approach is to accept publicly on the social platforms whatever mistakes you might have committed or whatever criticism is posted online by the customers. Instead of dealing with a complaint or criticism made online by ignoring it or following it up outside of the social network , deal with it publicly in a cordial and personal manner.

2. Show your expertise

It is an excellent strategy for small business enterprises to communicate with their customers on the social media as an expert in their line of business. You should join the groups of customers on different social networks by providing them with expert tips and solutions to their problems. For example,  if you are dealing in electrical appliances, it will be more productive if you join discussion forums or blogs and articles shared by your target groups on social networks like Google+  and Facebook and offer your expert advice by answering to their questions and suggesting solutions to their problems. While doing so, you should not forget to let your audience know that you are a business enterprise so as to attract them towards your business and the products or services provided by you.

3. Be a good listener

Social networks being a platform to interact rather then broadcasting a monologue, never let your online campaign suffer from this disease. By spending all your time on extolling the virtues of your products and your promotional offers(which you perceive as unique and marvelous), you will be deprived of the feedback from your customer. So, give ample space to your customers to share with you their viewpoint and experiences.  This way, you will be able to not only win their confidence but also to make friendship with them which will ensure a committed clientele.

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