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3 Tips To Make Mobile Marketing Work

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images (6)In the recent times, the consumer behavior has changed and the use of mobile phones as a browser has become hugely popular. Due to technological advancements and newer and better versions of tablets and smartphones are available in the market. This has created a very user- friendly and convenient means of communication for the consumer in the form of smartphones and tablets. People are glued to their phones. As per data available, 55% of people now use the smartphone as the primary medium of web browsing. Mobile marketing has become an indispensable means of direct marketing channel for the marketers. So much so, it is the most essential and important ingredient in the marketing mix today. As a result, the advertising spend on Mobile Marketing is increasing. The marketers are tapping the vast potential of this medium and have increased on mobile marketing to increase market share and improve brand exposure. As per Emarketer, in 2010, the ad spend on the mobile platform was a miniscule 2.1 % in 2013, which is expected to increase phenomenally by 59% by 2017.

Businesses across the globe use mobile marketing, whether it is for data capture, lead generation, customer loyalty or another of the many uses mobile marketing has.

To ensure that businesses leverage this platform effectively, 3 key things to be considered have been listed below.

Create a responsive and user friendly site with prime focus on user experience

To effectively leverage the benefits of mobile marketing, the first step should be creation of a responsive and user friendly website. A responsive mobile website can be defined as a website whose design looks good on a mobile phone or tablet. It should have a very simple design with one column layout enabling the mobile surfer to easily navigate through the pages. While developing the mobile marketing strategy, the developer must give prime importance to the user experience.

Now the question arises, how does a responsive design help a mobile strategy?

Data reveals 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop. This means that if a website is not mobile friendly, then it is most likely that it will lose out on potential customers who could have led to conversions eventually. A mobile friendly site leads to a good user experience which further leads to higher retention rates, decrease in bounce rates and increase in conversion rates. Google also gives good rankings from an SEO perspective. Google sends mobile searchers to websites, that use a responsive web design.

Even the emails should be easy to read on the mobile phone device. In recent studies, it has been observed that 48% of the emails are opened on mobile devices. Thus, the email should be in such a format, that it can be easily read on a mobile phone. So if an email does not look good on a mobile phone , chances are that it will get deleted immediately. 80 percent of the users simply delete the email and 30 percent unsubscribe from future emails. According to a study, almost half of all the emails are opened on a mobile phone or a tablet. Inspite of the fact, 89% of the emails are not mobile optimized which means are losing out on potential customers and leads.

If a mobile marketer wants to reach out to its potential customers and increase the total number of email leads, he must make the user experience better for the consumer. It has been suggested , to achieve the said result, the size of file images must be reduced, the images must be resized by proportion and there should be extensive use of clickable CTA buttons.  Therefore to make mobile marketing work, mobile friendly emails should be sent with short headers, large text and buttons ( finger tapping size) and single column layout. Every link in the email should land on a mobile ready destination.

Optimize Page Loading Times

The speed with which the webpage opens has a tremendous impact on the overall success of any mobile marketing strategy. The speed determines whether a user stays on a page or bounces. As per Google guidelines, a good webpage should open within 1 second or less. As in the movie Top  Gun, the main character  says the famous lines” I feel need ….the need for speed” . Similarly, a mobile web designer needs to keep in mind, the need for speed. He has to think like a fighter pilot.  The faster a site loads the better experience it creates for the mobile customer. Mobile customers are not very patient, so the mobile optimized site or mobile app must be very fast , streamlined and efficient. It should speedily adjust content size and resolution based on the consumer’s mobile device.

Optimize Your CTA

By CTA we mean Call to Actions.  Call to Actions is one of the most important factors of any website. It leads to increased conversions. The visibility and dimension of the call to action button is very important on any webpage. In case of mobiles, the placement and size of call to action button is of utmost importance. For an enhanced user experience, in case of touchscreen phones and tablet devices, the CTA’s should be large enough for the user to view and click. It should neither be too large nor too small. A large button will occupy a lot of space and the screen may look cluttered. A study conducted by MIT, revealed the average size of a fingertip is 16cm -20cm which is around 45 – 57 pixels.  The mobile design must enable consumers to fly across the screen, swiping, touching, dragging, pinching and zooming. Even men with large fingers should able to access the key touch points and complete the transaction without any difficulty. Large and simple buttons should be used and video buttons should be preferred.

By following these key practices, an good mobile marketer will be able to create experiences that will enhance that will improve customer engagement with the digital brand and optimize business results.

Image Credit: Mozak Design 

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      People access various websites more on their mobile than on a desktop and this is because of the convenience. In order to make it more effective, it is important to optimise it based on the tips given this article. Too many service providers are waiting for the right opportunity to grab the prospective customer. To stand out in the crowd, these technical and functional aspects needs to be taken care off.

    • 4 years ago

      Pratik Ahuja   /   Reply

      Since majority of the internet users are mobile users, it is very important for any company or firm to actually implement these strategies!

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