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3 Tips To Make SMM Less Burdensome And A Time Saving Exercise

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Many times people are confused with three emerging marketing concepts, such as ‘online marketing’, ‘digital marketing’ and ‘social media marketing (SMM)’. We can have hour long debate to establish our thoughts and ideas on the three different concepts. Let us understand in a very simple language that the three concepts are neither synonymous nor supplementary to each other. However, they are not only complimentary to each other but very much integrated with each other to give us the essence of all the new generation marketing ideas and concepts. While online marketing stands for marketing on the virtual world or market, digital marketing spells about how to leverage the digital technologies for such marketing endeavor and SMM enlightens us about how to leverage the different social networking sites for the promotion and growth of business. The irony is that as a marketer you need to have expertise in all three concepts and skills to integrate them effectively to gain advantage. Following are three tips to make SMM as the more effective marketing venture.

Prepare A Virtual Schedule

An irregular and undisciplined posting of your contents online could be the most fatal behavior of a marketer. Either this will irritate your audience or discourage them to continue visiting your contents. It is always better and advisable to have an editorial schedule to publish contents online. Just follow, what others are doing and how they are doing. You need not to be a copycat. Gather ideas and insights and develop your own schedule as per your requirement and convenience of the audience. First, decide what kind of contents would be friendly for your audience and then schedule frequency and time of postings. Nevertheless, don’t ignore to decide who will post.

Simple Is The best

A long text blog or a lengthy video file or an overloaded slide-share document may not be effective at all for the audience. More so, when you know that most of the audience is using smart phones or mobiles, you cannot compel them to visit and consume your lengthy contents. Also, in the fast space of city or urban life, the audience may not have enough time to stick to a lengthy content. Hence, very judiciously decide the volume of your contents. You may follow the principle of ‘conveying more messages with minimum possible content’. Assess the nature of your business, its process and operational technology and then decide what kind of content you need to develop for expanding your audience base, engaging them on SM platform and then converting them into leads and sales. Simultaneously, decide the social networking sites in which you ought to be to popularize your varied contents.

Use Analytic

You need to balance between qualitative and quantitative analysis to draw and develop better insights and understanding about the performance of your contents in different SM platforms. You must track your audience to know where people are coming from. Unless you do the statistical analysis about the impact of the content on your audience, you cannot take your SMM strategy forward. Adequately use the analytic available at different SM platforms. However, just don’t be obsessive to analytic. Instead, improve your Social Media Intelligence Quotient.

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