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3 Ways Of Doing Inexpensive Paid Marketing

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Any business needs to be marketed for earning revenue. The only question is how can one get the word out online, without having to pay thousands of monies on advertising?

Below are some of the tips which are used by many business owners and social marketing experts on how to get new businesses can get noticed online, without spending a lot of money.pic

Establish Profiles On The Major Social Media Sites , Create Fresh And Shareable Content

Before getting started with the launch of any marketing campaign on social media sites, one must take time to find out which are the social media sites that the potential target customers visit frequently. After having done that, it is then important to set up pages or profiles on these social media sites. After the profiles have been created, one must regularly post content here. The frequency of posting content must be at least once a week. One can use various online tools like Hootsuite and centrally manage the social media posting.

One of the most cost effective ways to boost one’s organic traffic is by creating business blogs. Google always supports original and valuable content. Google has been chasing and rewarding creative and highly informative content. In addition to this, one will find that people also will organically start sharing and spreading one’s blog posts. One must remember that one should always write for one’s audience and not for Google.

Another way of attracting attention is by creating good, interesting videos keeping one’s target audience in mind and then sharing them with all of the social media profiles. One must ensure that the content should be fresh and unique and it should speak volumes about the company and its business.

Finally, one should ensure that the content is provided in a format which can be shared by the followers. An effective and simple way of doing it, is by ensuring that people can follow you on the social media sites directly from your site and this can be achieved by including hot-linked buttons to the social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other networks. The easier it gets to share the content, the more number of people will share it.

Ask Friends, Family Members And Employees To Spread The Word And Reward The Referrals

Even if one dose not have too many friends or followers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there is a high probability that some of your friends or family members or colleagues might. One can simply ask them to follow your new business on these social media sites and share it with their friends and followers. Another way to incentivize them is by rewarding them for sharing links to your website by offering them attractive discounts for referrals, like Rs. 500 off their next purchase.

It can get difficult to divert traffic to one’s website, when one has just started the business. One can start with sending out free samples to potential bloggers to get ball rolling. Mostly all bloggers are more than happy to evaluate the free sample and provide their views on their blog. Once the reviews start soaring, a link will be directly sent to your site. This should give a good boost to the SEO activity on search engines and will drive traffic to your landing page.

Reviews of a product can go a long way in promoting the sale of the product. Online customers always rely on the reviews of a product before making any online purchase. Hence, if one can get customers who have bought the product to give their frank feedback, in the form of photos and videos, this can help in getting new customers to buy the product.

Sampling a product marketing campaign can help to generate good results through word of mouth and increased revenue and sales of the product. Also, each sample can bring in reviews which can influence thousands of prospective customers to buy the product.

Co-Market With An Established Brand And Use Paid Search

Co-marketing with an existing brand can also help a new business to get some mileage out of the existing followers of the brand. Both the brands can share their following to increase their visibility and sales.

Online advertising through paid marketing can also get very good and quick results. One need not invest too much monies on doing a paid marketing campaign. One can start off with a small budget and test on Google Adwords, how well a paid campaign performs. One should ensure that a variety of ad groups and creatives should be used instead of relying on just one ad campaign. Various models are available in the industry however, to start off with, one can use the either the CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per acquisition) option for their campaigns.

Creating a Facebook ad on the Facebook ad platform can help one target a specific type of audience. One has the option of choosing how mush to invest on advertising on the ad. Daily and even lifetime budgets are available as options. One need only pay for the clicks or impressions one receives, within the amount set.

In this manner, one can use various simple and cost effective ways to do paid marketing without having to spend too much money. The trick is to try various methods and not just rely on one method. Also, keeping a constant track of which method is producing good results need to be checked and improvised depending upon the requirement.

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      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Many times small companies have low budget. Though they have a good product / service, they don’t have enough money to spend on heavily paid marketing tactics. For them and for big companies as well it is good to start marketing on social media through this simple way indicated in the article.

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