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3 Ways To Enhance Your Startup Through Digital Marketing

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As far as online marketing goes, there are a myriad of digital marketing tools now available and all vying for attention. However, the most effective tools are the ones that help you reach a broader market, retain customers and provide relevant data about overall business performance. Digital marketing tools cover a vast array of products and services, many of them with overlapping goals. Here are three of the top tools for expanding your business quickly and effectively:3 Ways to Enhance Your Startup Through Digital Marketing


One of the biggest limitations faced by new startups is an inability to process payments effectively. Stripe is payment processing platform that allows you to accept many different forms of payment and gives you complete control over other payment details as well. Stripe provides a payment processing form that is clean and easy to understand so you won’t have to worry about gathering all of the customer’s data in your own form. Plus, Stripe can be integrated into social media platforms to allow for simplified purchases from the very first click. Stripe is more than a credit card processor, as they accept coupons, allow you to create free trial periods for your customers, and give you a completely open ability to manage recurring subscriptions as well. Their system is designed for utility by web developers and is perfectly scaled to serve businesses of any size.

As our economy depends more and more on credit cards and digital wallet technologies, having a platform like Stripe allows your business to reach a wider market and opens up possibilities for customers. This is one of the digital marketing tools that will show immediate results for your campaign.

Stream Science

Stream Science is a digital marketing tool designed to inform your audience about relevant topics when they need information most. It allows your business to create and source important news and content online, and then send that information out via social media and other networks. It is unique among other social media marketing programs because it also encourages employees to add their own content, and allows you to assign a moderator who can approve the content and send it out. It includes tools for building teams, creating favorites lists, scheduling posts and finding effective tags for your content. Ultimately it will help you convert relevant web content into impressions that can be tracked by the software itself, which will then analyze your performance and provide opportunities for future improvement and growth.

While you’re busy sharing important information and adding new payment options to your business, Sniply allows you to place targeted ads alongside the stories you are sharing. These ads will provide a direct link back to your own site and lead to a higher conversion rate than just the stories alone. This tool also provides analytical data about the amount of time being spent on your pages, optimization options for your ads, and allows you to create a customized customer experience for every individual click on your link. Having an effective call to action on each page that you share, regardless of whether it is your own content or curated content from the web, is a huge asset that will lead to higher customer engagement and more return customers overall.

Digital marketing is a growing business, and there are plenty of tools available. Most of the popular marketing tools offer both free and subscription-based plans, and they offer quick paced growth results. With such a wide variety of options out there, it is important to diversify your toolbox and take advantage of all the different services and products that you can. More payment options, better information and a direct connection to your business are all great ways for you to build your startup quickly.


So now that you are aware of the 3 ways by which you can enhance your Startup through Digital Marketing, it is time to apply the methods and execute the strategies.
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