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3 Web Analytics Tips For Best Results From Google Analytics Process

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Web Analytics is an ocean or can be an universe in itself where we can encounter lots of uncovered stories. Some of the tools like Google Analytics (GA) proved as a medium which has uncovered many impossible stories. And these stories have literally helped in transforming the business into profitable ventures. Many Analysts have shared their best practices on how to use this tool to bring revolution to their businesses.

3 important tips shared below also showcase how Google Analytics can be used effectively to bring best resuts in Web Analytics space.

1) Set-up E-commerce Tracking :-

E-commerce Tracking is very useful tool for e-commerce websites. Enabling e-commerce in Google Analytics settings certainly allow the customer information to be recorded in Google Analytics database. Now if a customer completes the check-out process, the Google Analytics report show the complete customer interaction detail in GA details. It will help business in pushing the buyers for more products and also help in finding more prospective clients.

2) Associate Google AdWord account with Google Analytics account :-

Google Adword and Google Analytics are 2 visionary tools of Google, when linked with each other can really produce visionary insights of the business. Linking can show us the how much volume of traffic coming  to website via Google Adword. It can  also give an insight how much cost is incurred in goal conversion . In other words , it can show Adword click and cost data along side with analytics site engagement data.

3) Set-up Website Goals :-

The importance of this tip can be measured by all the articles and blogs written on Web Analytics. All of them must have talk about Goal setting. Goal setting is the foremost thing that an analyst should consider while pursuing the Web Analytics. Goal setting can be gauging customer interactions, sale conversions and many more, but it needs to be well placed before trying to achieve the desired objective.

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