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3 Web Analytics Tips For Businesses Operating Offline

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Many of us think that when it comes to web analytics, it is meant for measuring website traffic. However, some of the web analytics applications has helped many companies to measure the outcome of traditional advertising efforts. It is important for small and medium sized businesses to extract actionable insights from the endless reach of metadata. But now with the help of web analytics offline tracking tool, it is possible to measure and analyse business performance. Some of the simple steps to for businesses operating offline as follows:

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1. Think Bigger:

Some of the brick and mortar businesses usually fail to consider web analytics as an important business tool. The reason behind the same could be unavailability of data or experts or budget issue etc. and others often fail to see beyond bounce rate, page views or visits. With the help of web analytics, one can keep a track on revenue, customer acquisition, retention rate and positioning offline. Suppose if a person is running a dental hospital then he/she should know the cost required to get a patient.  If he/she knows the number then its very simple to estimate the cost to convert a patient from Yellow pages using Google Ad-words or from Help.

2. Keep Track Of All Offline Conversions:

Lead generated, sales or appointments created are a few things which businesses keep a track on, in order to, measure online conversions. For some businesses, offline conversions matter a lot, especially when the customer needs physical or person to person attention for purchasing any product/service. Whereas to measure conversions offline and to differentiate the same from the online, one should give bigger credits to offline sales in the following ways:

  • Making coupons available either online or offline.
  • After collecting all the data, it can be simultaneously updated into the system for web analytics to generate report on the same.
images (1)3. Target According To Geography For Fetching Relevant Traffic:

Companies focusing only on local audience need not worry much about the traffic weather either online or offline. But if the goal of the business is to target people with broad geography and diversified presence, then it becomes a cumbersome task to track the exact traffic. Therefore, one can create a custom report in Google analytics which shows how well the business is doing and what matters the most. This will give a bigger picture of the performance and simple actionable insights by focusing on the traffic from all over geographic market.

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