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3 Web Analytics Tips That Help You Improve Your Website And Your User’s Online Experience

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In many bollywood movies, we see that policemen using the same language as the criminals use in their daily life. They justify rude behaviour by saying that policemen needs to think and act like criminals to catch hold of criminals and remove them from our society. The same logic applies here in Web Analytics space. To make the visitor’s experience better with the website, one should use the website as a user and try to track the bad experience around the website.

Website is a virtual shop which also needs timely decoration, repairs and maintenance to enhance customer experience. Web Analytics especially via Google Analytics (GA), played an important role in identifying the bad experience of the users throughout while working on any website. The below mentioned 3 tips can really helpful in knowing that ‘what annoys the visitor most?’.

1) Focus On Error Messages Error mesaage

A quick glance of error message is shown here from Facebook snapshot. There are different kinds of errors found in all websites. Such errors can be page not found, required details not filled, access denied, or many more. An skilful analysis required on tracking errors to know weather the information on which error pop up is really required or just a waste information. The actionable area here is to add extra tracking code whenever the error is fired.

2) Use Virtual Page View To Track Error

A common user of websites must have noticed a red text display around the boxes where the information is not or partially submitted when filling some information or creating account. Similar kind of virtual page view must be set up so that visitor at least be able to make out what to do next is case of failure. Google Analytics gives us the opportunity to set up such page view. Another important tip here is the comparison needs to made between page views and unique page views for errors to identify errors which are seen several times by the same person.

3) Choose The Best Page View Structure

Google Analytics content drill down report works best in case of digging down into the errors. Structuring page view carefully with some recommended paths are given below :-

  • /errors/checkout/deliveryoptions/’the error message’
  • /errors/checkout/payment/’the error message’
  • /errors/emailsignup/’the error message’

It means configuring goals as the group of error matching with the first part of page name.

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    • 4 years ago

      Kumar   /   Reply

      Great tips Karun but we must track social media, online marketing webites and emails in GA and Conversions as goals in GA

    • 4 years ago

      Sanhita Dasgupta   /   Reply

      Very true, useful tips. 🙂

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