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3 Web Analytics Tips That Will Surely Give Your Business A Boost

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Without going deep into explaining about Web Analytics or its functioning part, here are some steps you can always look for or follow to push your business towards success using  analytics:

1. A separate analytics Dashboard:

Build your dashboard separately on Analytics that will allow your user or clients and bosses to understand how it works without bothering you on continuous basis. Remember that, the dashboard should be very short, at glance, specific and not in too deep to make another person cumbersome to understand. It should give a clear insights into performance of website. It will always be great if you go one step further and break down dashboards for a team or individual’s needs. For example, you can prepare very clear and simple PR dashboard for Google Analytics. It will contain only those things that PRs would be interested in. Normally PR’s would be looking for, your social activity and shares, your working media highlights or your top referring content etc. So customize your dashboard according to their needs.

2. Set a filter to track only traffic generating links:

If your business demands having multiple links and you can’t focus on analytics part of every single individual link then it’s very simple to filter out only those links which are important for revenue building and generates traffic at the same time. In our digital language it is termed as “Link Building” for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purpose. Google Analytics provides you this feature of setting a filter pointer into your analytics code. There are already in built Custom filters and some Predefined filters in Google Analytics. You can make use of them or you can create and customize your own filter according to your need.

3. Increase your Website Latency:

In today’s 3G speed internet and time constrained world people don’t have sufficient patience to wait long for any of your website’s page to get opened. Thus make sure that any of your website’s page and especially traffic generating pages do not get more time to load otherwise visitors may get bored and jump to another link or even another websites. Thus keep on checking your web server speed and traffic influx by following below chain in your Google Analytics account:

Content —> Site Speed —-> Overview

And check out Page timing at:

Content —> Site Speed —> Page Timings

You can also keep a track on Page Timing graph for in-depth analysis, average loading time especially for pages including  JS(Javascript) plugins and CSS(Cascaded Style Sheet) libraries.

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