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3 Web Analytics Tips That Will Improve Business Growth

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Web Analytics provides data about websites, visitors’ behavior, to measure the most appropriate one. Also, to enhance website’s performance by conversion rates. It can be either simple or complicated, maybe both depending upon the functions and applications used in Web Analytics tool. It can be daunting for new users but with a little  experience to understand tactics related to Analytics, enables a person to measure, track, collect data and making the most appropriate decision  for Website’s design, ads, promotion etc. Here are some simple yet important tips as per from analysis point of view which help in faster business growth:

Separate Clicks: Generally, sites  have external links to Website through any of the advertisement. The success of which depends upon how many people click on these links. Web Analytics program usually records per click on search result pages as organic search. With the usage of custom primaries in URL landing pages,one may use data scripts to analytics settings. In order to know the exact source of clicks,Event Tracking and Virtual Page views is another method to analyse clicks. Separation of  clicks provides a control over landing pages and  selecting the most suitable source gives maximum clicks on the website.

Site Search: Site Search allow users to track how many visitors use website’s internal search engine provided. It helps to track

  • Keywords
  • Visited pages for those keywords
  • Search categories used by visitors

A well drafted search can allow people to jump right to the specific page of their interest. Supplemental navigation tools give its users alternative options to access site content. The users can either enable or disable Site Search tracking by going to settings, and then, website sections of Google Analytics.

Conversion: When people hear about “conversion”, the first thing which comes to their mind is Revenue. Obviously, revenue is important and tracking macro-conversions for sale, for example, is crucial which a user does analytics wise. Therefore, Conversion goals are important to track additional information related to site conversions. Furthermore, Drilling into the Organic Search reports, one can view conversion by search engine,  landing pages from organic search, keywords, etc. Also, by digging into the referring sites report, one can view conversion by websites and referring URLs at plaforms. Another way of  penetrating into campaign/Ad traffic is to view conversion by ad content, destination URL, or by keywords etc.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The ‘conversion’ part has dealt with so many things together in a limited space. The subjective understanding is alright, but it is expected to give us the clear idea about the ‘conversion sources’ and their logical sequence.

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