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3 Web Analytics Tips That Will Surely Help You In Growing Your Business Fast

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Businesses are highly dependent on various marketing strategies they adopt. There are series of functions that a business carry out in order to make their presence noticed. Business spend lot of time to formulate a successful strategy to develop right product which will be targeted towards the right set of audience. Product launch is also decided based upon the right time. There are various intermediary activities that help to boost the business like advertising, marketing, promotions, sales etc.

In order to carry out this business process successfully and efficiently, business owner should be able to measure and analyse each and every stage and the associated activities. These measured data enables the marketer to look through all the process and activities. This will in turn help the marketer to come up with required changes, discard certain activities and adapt new strategies.

Marketers spend an enormous amount of time on researching and analysing the data collected. In traditional analytical methods, the collected data may not give the exact picture of the ground reality. Many factors influence the data in traditional data analysis. But with the advent of online analytical tools, things are really under control.

There are various analytical tools available these days which makes the entire analytical process easier. Web analytics is the tool through which each and every functional area of a business can be measured and visualized. This is the power of Web Analytics. The earlier the marketer assimilates this concept, the faster will be the pace of business growth.

Web Analytics is an art. Even though it looks very technical and complicated, once the user understands it, it is a cake walk. There are various interesting features in the analytical tool that allows the user to get a complete insight about the website and the associated activities. There does exist few important tips that the user should keep in their mind while using Web Analytical tools.

Below are the three important tips that will help the business to grow fast:

1. Separate Clicks:

When a marketer plans a marketing campaign for certain product or service, they take various factors into consideration. For example, using appropriate keywords, images, contents, offers, attractive packages etc. The marketer would like to use as many ingredients as he/she can, to make the marketing recipe to attract more and more people.

When an individual types in certain keywords, the respective information appears as organic search. As a result, the individual will click on the particular link and access the necessary information. The number of clicks received by each advertisement in a marketing campaign, is what matters the most.

Web Analytical tools used by marketers, will help tap the number of clicks received by the advertisement. But this is not enough. Apart from organic searches, there are various other sources existing, through which the advertisements get clicked. Analytical tool will help the marketer to visualize these other sources as well. The user may use event tracking or virtual page views features to see the other sources of clicks.

When the marketer will be able to differentiate between these clicks from different sources, then it will become easier for them to identify the most effective source and concentrate on it.

2. Site Search:

There are different ways to access certain information by a visitor in a website. These could be normal searches over search engines, referrals through other websites etc. But apart from these mediums, there also exist, website’s internal search engine option. People visiting the website, may type-in certain keywords or phrases which will direct them to the desired information.

Web Analytical tools are smart enough to identify these keywords and phrases. A report is generated by the analytical tool which will have the complete details of all the keywords used, page that the visitor visited after typing-in the keyword, the search categories used by visitor etc. If the visitor types the right set of keywords then they would be led directly to the specific page. This is where the concept of content optimization pops out. This analysis will help the user to frame contents based on these keywords which will in turn increase the readability.

The user can decide whether they want to track these keywords or not. If they do not want, then they can go to the settings and disable the feature Site Search Tracking under Website Section in Analytical tool.

3. Conversion:

Marketer’s objective is to measure the revenue generated at various stages of a business. Not all people visiting the website, will convert into prospective customers. As a marketer, it is necessary to know the triggering aspects that provokes the visitor to complete the purchase process. Web Analytical tools help the user to determine the conversions on the website. User can set various goals in order to measure individual conversion rates.

User may use various mediums or sources like search engines, to reach a particular landing page. These sources are clearly demarcated to get a clear overview of conversions through them.

Apart from search engines or people visiting directly to the website, there are other sources that play a major role in increasing the conversions and these are called referral websites. The referral websites are those sites, which drive or forward traffic towards other websites. Web Analytical tools allow the user to generate a report with complete insight into referral sites contribution towards conversion.

Various advertising strategies like AdWords, marketing campaigns etc. are used to reach out to more and more people. People view these advertisements on various platforms, find it interesting and click on the link. They become a lead and may become a prospective client in future. Analytical tools helps the marketer generate various reports to keep a tab on these advertising strategies and campaigns. Tool will help to identify the most effective advertisements and the amount of revenue it is generating. The revenue generated will then be compared to the set goals, so that it can be evaluated.

Businesses should witness growth and business owner must implement every possible strategy to achieve the goals. Taking one step at a time for a calculative growth will take the business to the next level. Web Analytic tools are the biggest support for measuring the important aspects of a business, both quantitatively and qualitatively and it is definitely required for a business to grow.

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