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39% Q4 Paid Search Traffic Driven By Mobile Devices

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Mobile phones, especially the smartphones that possess the facility of accessing information through their devices to use it as a matter to fulfill their business and more so, for purchasing stuff via the online medium. This  has relevance for the users as well as the online marketers who are running the ads to put across their product and services to the targeted set of audience.

It is here that the search traffic, specifically the paid search traffic plays a crucial role.  The concept of paid search is nothing but a type of contextual advertising wherein the website owners are supposed to pay a certain amount of advertising fee that usually is based on the click-through or the ad views to have their specific  website search results shown in  the top placement on the search engine result pages.

As per the recent study, Google paid search spending was up by 19% compared with Q4 2013 and more than 40% of Google clicks came from smartphones and tablets.

The resultant factor is to be seen that retailers’ paid search campaigns in the 2014 holiday season drove 20% sales growth as smartphones and tablets combined to generate 45 percent of the paid search clicks on the Thanksgiving day. While, on the Christmas, it turned out to be 51 percent.

Ideally, a new report issued by a search and digital marketing agency -Merkle RKG clearly indicates that for the fourth quarter, mobile devices accounted for 39% of the paid search traffic. Enlisted below are the details that were detected from the report:

  • The “Digital Marketing Report Q4 2014” which is based on Merkle RKG’s analysis of Q4 search marketing data from its clients worldwide includes retailers.
  • Smartphones and tablets were the source of 29% of ad spending for the quarter and smartphone click volume rose 48% year over year compared with 28% for tablets and 3% for desktops.
  • Looking back at Q4 2013, the report suggests that the Google paid search spending was up by 19%. This indicated a 12% rise in paid clicks and a 7% increase in average cost-per-click.
  • More than 40% of Google clicks came from smartphones and tablets.
  • Also, Bing Ads paid search spending increased 31% year over year.
  • Cost per click saw a rise by 3% versus the same quarter in 2013.

Other findings from the Merkle RKG report:

  • The share of web site traffic coming from organic search dropped below 35% in Q4, slightly off the Q4 2013 pace of 36%. The report attributes the dip to search engine updates that more prominently feature paid ads and traffic shifts to mobile where ad click-through rate is higher.
  • More than 42% of organic search visits occurred on smartphones and tablets in Q4 2014, up from 31% a year earlier and a new high for the mobile device share of organic search.
  • Mobile organic search traffic share for Apple Inc.’s iOS devices fell from 72% in Q4 of 2013 to a still-dominant 64% in 2014 as Android and other devices have gained ground.
  • 52% of all site visits coming from social media occurred on tablets and smartphones in Q4, up from 37% in Q4 2013. Social media continues to lead both paid and organic search in share of traffic coming from mobile devices, the report says.

According to a new study local searches lead 50 percent of the mobile phone users to visit the stores. This yet again is a good sign that mobile devices’ usage are increasingly contributing to the search traffic.
Herein in the meanwhile, Google’s paid clicks increased 14% in Q4. This however when compared to the last quarter which is Q3, revenue grew 15.3% to $18.10 billion in the final quarter of 2014 from $15.71 billion in the last year.

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