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4 Benefits Of Segmentation In Google Analytics

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  “A segment is a subset of the data to be analysed in Google Analytics”

It is one of the most important tools provided by Google Analytics to isolate and analyse data. There is so much of data available. But interpreting all this data might not be useful for a particular business. Segmentation segregates the quantitative data to qualitative data, hence helping to analyse and interpret as per the specific requirement of business. We can see all those information to make it actionable for the website.

Benefits of Google Segments:

  1. Segmentation helps to break down data of visitors based on various parameters. Data can be segmented based on following:
  • Based on date and time: This helps to compare how users visit the site on a particular day of the week or time of the day behave.
  • Based on the marketing channel: This helps to compare the performance of various marketing activities.
  • Based on the devise used by the visitor: This helps to compare the traffic and activities through different devices like desktop, mobiles, tablets etc.
  • Based on the geography: This helps to identify and compare the trends of visitors from various countries or cities.
  • Based on the different age groups, male or female etc.
  • Based on the customer characteristics, like whether it is a first time visitor or repeat visitor.

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  1. Segmentation allows the analysis of on page interaction. This helps to understand the user behaviour and helps to identify the areas where we can make improvement to increase better interaction with the visitor.
  2. Default segments and Custom segments. Google Analytics have default segments as well as flexibility to customize the segments based on the requirement. Default Segments give the data of visits from paid traffic, direct visits, new visitors, traffic from devices etc. Also we can custom segments to know the visits on a specific landing page, visits through a specific keyword, visits from social media platforms, location etc… Google Analytics also gives the option to combine various Segments. Sometimes combination of various segments helps to narrow the data to give a finer picture. For example segment can be used to find the traffic from a particular device. Another segment can be combined to get the traffic from the social media platform from that particular device. Advanced Segments helps to compare segments for a certain data. For example data from different keywords can be compared. Or traffic from different locations or browsers can be compared.
  3. More Benefits
  • Import from Gallery – Various segments has been created by Google Analytics and Analytics users. This can be imported from the gallery if you are not satisfied by the custom segmentation.
  • Creating Sequence segments – This can be used to segment visitor who used two consecutive pages in a row.
  • Creating Cohorts in Google Analytics – Cohort can be created based on the first visit of user to the site.
  • Easy to Manage Segments – Google Analytics Segments are easy to manage, that we can quickly filter all the custom segments.

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