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4 Blogging Ideas To Strengthen Social Media Presence

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Today, social media has become a part of one’s life. It is used by people falling in almost all age groups. It has also become an important facet of our online marketing campaigns. The marketing of all brands now also requires marketing on social media platform and this has now become unavoidable. In today’s media conscious era, the survival of the brand has become dependent on its presence on social media. Hence, we see a lot of companies outsourcing their online advertising activities to social media consultants.

One can find a lot of online posts which provide various tips to improve one’s social media presence. One way that is mostly recommended is by actively posting blogs and giving prompt response to the feedback received from audience.

Blogging is a very efficient way to improve a brand’s social media presence. If one hasn’t yet attempted at blogging to improve one’s social media presence, then it is assured that that the brand is not receiving its best from online marketing and has a great untapped potential to be explored. One can get some good tips to start blogging at

In this post, we are going to look at ways by which blogging can do great help to improve one’s social media campaign and go a long way to better one’s social media presence.


6It is a well known fact that content is king. Creating content which has value to the readers is mandatory and one of the most important factors among blogging practices and it has a huge positive impact on one’s social media presence. Content which has value will be read by readers and also shared by them in their circles. This is a practice that is followed by a large number of readers to share the content that they found useful with their circles. Also, the readers in the circles then share with more friends and so on. This geometric progression helps to attract more and more audience to one’s blog.

For example, a brand named employs this technique to increase their social media presence. They basically create good quality content which is highly informative on their website and then share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. When a reader looking to read something interesting comes across this content and reads it, he “likes” it and then shares it in his circle. In this manner, one can adopt different blogging techniques, which can help attract more audience and improve one’s social media presence.

Social Media Integration System

After having created a blog containing good quality content, it is of utmost importance for the readers to be able to easily share it in their circles. Blogging and RSS formats helps a blogger in this aspect and facilitates easy sharing on various social media platforms and as a result helps in building one’s business and social media presence.

For example, most of the bloggers use social media buttons, usually at the end of their blog posts so that the readers, after reading the blog can share it easily in their circles at the click of a button without having to log in to their account to share the same.


It has been found that one’s social media presence can be significantly strengthened by creating valuable content which can be easily shared at the click of a button. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people will not share the content in their circles, even if they find it worth reading. This is because; the process of sharing the blog on social media platforms is not an easy one and is cumbersome. Hence, in order to bring about a positive impact on one’s social media presence, it is important to not only have good quality content but also make it easy for the readers to share the same in their circle.

Comments On Blog

It is a very interesting finding that commenting on blogs actually goes a long way in increasing one’s social media presence. This happens when someone comments on your blog and one replies to those comments. Readers always get impressed with the comments one gets on a blog and the response one gives for the same. They tend to then see the social media profile of the blogger and may also try and get in touch with him.

When one writes a blog and gets comments on them, it is important to welcome such comments, thank the readers who have read the blog and bothered to give their opinion on the same. One should listen to the criticism with the right spirit and consider them with a positive attitude. Also, the commentator is likely to follow the blogger’s social media profile thereby improving the social media presence.


Images on blogs make them more interesting and attractive. They also open opportunities for sharing the blogs on networks like Instagram and Pinterest, which are more images oriented. Depending upon the topic of the blog, adding eye catching images can go a long way in attracting attention of the readers. On the whole, it definitely helps in improving the traffic to the webpage.

Social Value

Blogging has now become mandatory for marketers who are into online advertising. It has the power of getting more traffic, conversions and sales to any business. It also has a direct link to the brand value of the product. It helps in strengthening the social media presence and brand page thereby resulting in more people liking one’s profile and sharing the content posted.

It has now an established fact that social media has now the power to build a strong brand presence and this can be achieved by quality blogging. By following the above mentioned tips, one can improve one’s social media presence effectively and efficiently through blogging.

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      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      I think blogging is the best way to share information with people. It is true that instead of plain text people like to read posts having images and videos. Because they are self explanatory.

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