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4 Components Of A Strong And Productive Search Engine Marketing Campaign

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There are various components to building a strong and productive search engine marketing campaign that raises the overall performance bar and makes your ad campaign more awesome. The 4 must haves for a strong and productive search engine marketing campaigns are:

Optimize The Ads

This is one of the most important components of a strong PPC campaign. Optimizing ads is basically improving the performance of ads by increasing its click-through rate qualitatively as well as quantitatively. A nicely optimized ad brings more traffic to your website. There should be regular analysis of how the ads are performing and necessary changes should be made according to the results so that the process does not bring out result or traffic that is irrelevant.

There are 3 parts to bringing out the best in your ads by optimizing:

  • Relevancy– It is an important aspect of the ad campaign as it bridges the gap between a potential customer and a to-be-customer. You need to use relevant keywords in you ad campaigns so as to attract the target audience, higher click-through and hence more conversions.
  • Use Ad Variations–  You can use ads for multiple purposes simultaneously in a single ad group like 2 or 3 ads to target the desktop users and 2 or 3 ads to target mobile users. It helps in delivering better results. It also plays a major part in comparing the results of different ads within the same ad group. One important thing to take notice of here is while using ad variations, do not make your ads look ambiguous. That could  seriously get the results down for your campaign.
  • Enable Sitelink Extensions– Sitelink extensions help increase the traffic on the ads by allowing users to have a lot of options to click on. You can give links to the pages with utmost relevance using sitelink extensions. Here is what it looks like on the search engines:


You can see various links in the ad by enabling Sitelink extensions. It gives options to the potential customer to choose from depending on what action he wants to perform on the website.

Strong Account Structure

Make a list of how you are going to move ahead with all the strategies, planning and execution of search engine marketing campaigns and undoubtedly, this is going to come on top of the list any day. Building a strong account structure is the most important aspect of any successful online campaign. Now you might be thinking as in what leads to a strong account structure. Here are a few things:

  • Keep a check on the number of keywords in each ad group
  • Also keep an eye over the number of ads running in an ad group
  • Now, examine how relevant are the keywords to that particular ad group as well as check the relevancy of different ads within the same ad group

It is always a good move to keep ads with the similar lines in the same ad group. It is also advisable to have some campaigns focusing on a particular product category or location or any other parameters that your business needs to target. Breaking down campaigns and ads into different groups can be easily managed by looking at the structure of the website.

High Performance Keywords

There can be different meanings of high performance keywords depending on the goals of a business. The goal can be anything like more traffic, higher click-through rate or higher conversion rate i.e more sales. So, it depends on how you define the key performance indicators of the performance so as to focus on high performance keywords.

A keyword with more traffic and less conversion is irrelevant as compared to a keyword with less traffic and more conversion if your business objectives stay consistent with the same. If in any case, the company finds a keyword that brings in a lot of sales comparatively, it has been found that you may dedicate a whole ad group to that particular keyword and its matches. There are various matches of keywords that the advertiser could bid on like Exact Match, Broad Match, Modified Broad Match and Phrase Match. Advertisers generally bid the highest on the exact match as it gives the exact impression of what the user wants. It could prove to be beneficial and is surely going to reflect in the overall results.

Track Negative Keywords

It goes without any saying that it should be one of the prime aspects to look into while executing any search engine marketing campaign. Building a list of negative keywords helps the advertisers in refraining their ads from getting published for that particular set of keywords. It basically allows you to ignore traffic that is highly unlikely to get converted into sales.

Let us look at an example to get a deeper understanding of what it actually is:

Suppose you are the owner of a hotel chain in India and you are advertising for the keyword “Hotel In Mumbai” to get online sales. Now the prime objective is to reach out to the people searching for hotels in Mumbai. If your ad gets displayed for the keyword “Hotel Jobs in Mumbai” (using the broad match), it is actually a negative keyword for your ad campaign. It can undoubtedly bring traffic to your website but the chances that it will get converted into sales is highly unlikely.

Using negative keywords in your search engine marketing campaigns can surely boost your ROI on the campaign. It helps in reducing costs and ultimately lead to good results with quality traffic on your website. It is highly likely that you waste a lot of money on your PPC campaigns if you have not created a list of keywords (Negative) that are irrelevant to your business objectives.

All these factors do add to the credibility and effectiveness of a search engine marketing campaign.

Image Courtesy: Hospitality Net

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      People are so used to search engines when they are looking for certain information. Search engines plays an important role to drive traffic. It is very important to generate contents suitable for search engines. Addressing the key requirements of people based on the search keywords will help to frame the contents. These tips would be really helpful.

    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Advertisement is a short,sweet and compact way to convey message to direct audience. Whether it is online or offline keywords plays an important role in Ads. Negative keywords often create bad impression on audience. So one must take care of keywords and message while designing Ads.

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