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4 Don’ts While Doing Facebook Postings

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Facebook needs no introduction. Facebook Pages can be created by businesses, brands and organizations to connect with people and share their stories. These days because marketing, especially social media marketing through Facebook has become so easy and cheap, people specializing in their skills find an easy market for themselves. These people are not hardcore professionals and are short on budget. Facebook Pages come very handy to them and these new age marketing have the potential to turn things up-side-down for people with small beginnings. Think of a situation where there is no social media, first of all imagining it has become very difficult these days, people with skills find it very hard to market the product/service on offer. Marketing these days consumes a major proportion of budget, where people these days are paranoid about brands, small players find it very difficult at least in the initial stages to carve a place for themselves. Facebook has hugely helped small players in this regard and have provided them an equal footing with large players.

We, in India experienced a boom of sorts when a simple mobile phone reached the hands of a rikshawala, sweepers and touched all at the bottom of social pyramid. We can expect a similar bonanza but on a much larger scale when this mobile will be replaced by a smart-phone. When people at the lower end of society get access to such a technology, Facebook is bound to see exponential rise in its users. Facebook, is the first social media platform joined by people who are new to this online medium. There is one more reason why with expanding usage of smart-phones in India, Facebook is going to experience a rise in its users and that is with increased access to technology, it is but human for these people to show to the world that they are not far behind. With this happening, we can expect a rise in informal workers on the digital media, which is still niche of highly educated class. We should expect plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc. to be easily available on Facebook. This may be interpreted as the vision of our Prime Minister when he gives a call for Digital India.

But there are certain number of things which must be kept in mind while posting on Facebook. These guidelines should be taken seriously because small players usually do not have funds to hire experts in the field. They should pay attention to small, every-day things, human psychology, context in mind. People should avoid discussing politics on pages which are customized for their business purpose. Religious matters, matters which may be offensive to some class of people, abuses, porn, illegal things are a strict no. These things are straight away going to bring bad name and people will start looking at the business through suspicion. Its going to unnecessarily complicate matters with absolutely no gains. Tone of messages play an important role. They should not sound instructive or plaint either.

Here are 4 Dont’s while doing Facebook postings:

  1. Posting  too much– Let’s understand this from basic level. We humans have a limited capacity to take on new things. When you are repeatedly posting and clogging your users news-feed, you are needlessly irritating and disturbing your potential customers. There is a limit to which people will take this and if your postings are simply unbearable, they are going to remove you from their lists. You are there to assist your customers and followers and make their lives pleasurable, not to make it more difficult. If you are posting every 15 minutes, you need to give it a break.
  2. Posting similar type of content– Remember, variety is the spice of life. Don’t make your content boring by posting same thing again and again. We as humans love exciting and surprising things in life, this same rule applies in online world as well. Think of a situation where you are served the same food entire week. You will desperately look for an escape. So the advise is post as different content as possible, let it include polls, contests, pictures, videos, some elements of humour and a bit of emotions. Make posts as interesting to read as possible, let users guess about the next subject of posts. Of course, all will be related to business in some way or the other.
  3. Offering only discounts and deals– Certainly, your business is much more than the discounts and deals offered. People are not just on a lookout for offers but something which brings value to their existence, their every-day lives. It can be in the form of short stories we once listened as kids, latest industry trends, some learning here and there, fun, entertainment and news. One has to be creative and think of ways of keeping people happy and delightful and at the same time they pay adequate interest in business.
  4. Thinking everybody is reading your post– Even after doing your best in deciding about what to post and what not to, people actually reading the posts is only about 10% to 20% of all the followers and people who like your pages. The surest way to ensure a large audience read your posts, you should make it as interesting and engaging as possible. People do not have to play the role of listeners and communications should not be uni-directional, flowing from business to consumers but it should be taken as a two-way road, where both parties should be talking equally. Each party plays the role of an active participant in the conversation rather than a passive listener.

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