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4 Easy Steps To Get Conversions From New Blog

4 Easy Steps To Get Conversions From New Blog

Getting started with a blog is easy.. Well, super easy. How about converting more visitors into customers in an easy yet effective way? Not so easy. According to statistics, most people who start with blogs quit it within the first three months. Growing an audience that will trust your brand and read your content is a herculean task.

There are enormous reasons why a blog fails. One of the common reasons is bloggers writes for themselves and not for their visitors. Most of the people write things they feel are useful and interesting without thinking what their audience actually wants.

There are two possibilities for your audience. On is that your audience is on your website, other being your audience is somewhere else. In the latter case, you need to attract them to your new blog. Have you ever thought why your blog attract readers and not push conversions? If your audience is not subscribing to your list, reading and sharing the things you put on your website, then there is some problem with conversions. Given below are simple yet effective ways to convert your visitors into customers.Source:

4 Effective And Simple Way To Gain Conversions From New Blog

1. Creation of Specific Landing Pages

Instead of sending people to the homepage of your new blog, you should create specific landing pages. You can add these landing pages to your navigational menu bar. According to recent data, 44% of the clicks for B2B companies are directed to a homepage instead of a landing page. This accounts to the lost opportunities.

You can build a loyal audience only if you know how to get started. There are most blog home pages that have too many elements. These are unnecessary and distracts new visitors from focusing on your message and brand. Start with your landing page and make sure you grow from there. As per HubSpot, ‘Companies achieve a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.’

Clicks are important. Make sure every click from the efforts you put in go somewhere and not your homepage. With a landing page, you are focused on your marketing and able to reach more as well as better prospects.

For instance, your homepage is focused purely on ‘sending pitches to magazine editors.’ In this case, your every article by you must be related to writing for the magazine, writing a winning pitch, winning over editors, etc. A better way of gaining conversion is to simply link to your dedicated landing page. This way, people who clicked on your landing page link will be converted into email subscribers. There on, you can build relationships with them. Later on, you can introduce them to your blog and display how they can buy your products and services.

You can also use these tools if you are all set to build high-converting landing pages.

2. Customize your new blog for target audience

If your blog is for everyone, then you are surely going to lag. You can never succeed in helping everybody. There should be a target audience and specific set of people. For instance, at Digital Vidya blog, you will find things related to digital marketing and related domains.

If you want to write about something like Tech. You should move forward with a strategy since tech is a huge industry. You will face competition from already established giants like Mashable, Wired, Techcrunch, and Gizmodo. It would be better if you narrow your niche. For instance, you could write on car tech, mobile tech, a specific brand, wearable tech etc. This is because when a person visits your blog, he should be in a position to decide whether your blog is of value to him or not. He should be able to judge that even before they read your posts.

3. Offer Value for Free to Users

The best way to make a lot of money is to give it. Well, this might seem weird to you. We know you have started blogging to earn money.  People love free stuff. Don’t you? If you want your new blog to get huge social shares, comments, and free inbound links, then you have to create something that your competitors sell but for free.

As per Gemba Marketing, 81% of what motivates event participation comes down to free samples of a product or other giveaways. This is because each time you give something of value for free, your customers will trust you even more. For instance, creating content valuable to your visitors and giving them for free. In case, you are wondering if giving away free valuable content can work for every business model, then the answer is yes! However, if you have subscription based business, you will be in a better place to build confidence with people before they decide to pay for your products and services.

You can also go an extra mile by creating valuable email marketing guides and offering them on a dedicated resource page. Just remember, stop selling a product with your new blog. Try to build your audience first and then move on to launching your product. People don’t know what is your new blog all about and it is logical to think that they won’t be buying anything from you without knowing. Therefore, it takes time. Create valuable content and share it first. This will help you in getting conversions from new blog.

4. Social Proof At Crucial Sections

Using social proof at important sections of your site is important. They can help transform a new blog into a trusted one. By social proof, we mean the demonstration of faith or trust others have in your brand and you. Seeing others doing the same thing, more people will respond to your offer. We tend to trust more if we see others doing that.

For instance, we are more likely to write a comment on a post, if we see others have also commented. People will tend to share a piece of content more because there are massive people who have shared it first even if they haven’t read that completely. Social proof can also be seen in the form of logos or testimonials of all the clients you have been with. It is crucial to include social proof in your blog. This way customers become more informed about your services. According to one of the studies, as much as 63% of American consumers indicate that the chances of buying increases if the product has reviews and ratings.

Ways to get social proof
  1. Expert comment on your blog: If some expert is going to comment on your blog, that is a social proof you can show to your audience. You can choose any influencer in the beginning.
  2.  Contribute articles at authority blogs: For instance, if you want to show logo of Moz as your social proof, you will have to do the following
  • Study famous posts
  • Get a unique angle to it
  • Do a new topic (you can either use case study or data)
  • Write your post and submit it to them
  • Now, all you have to do is wait for it until it gets published

Once they have published your article, you can use their logo for credibility and portray how useful your content is.


Getting conversions from new blog would be easy if you follow the above-mentioned tips. If you have started a new blog, it doesn’t mean you have been limited in any way. If you start with something new, that is not small. All you have to remember is write articles and blogs for your readers. You will have to take responsibility for your blog. Here are two important content marketing strategies, you need to focus.

  • Come up with long-form, interesting, and valuable content consistently.
  • Promote the content as much as you can.

The title is an important part of your blog. Your title for the blog should be catchy. You can split-test them in your landing pages. With the help of consistent and valuable calls-to-action in your landing pages, you can make more visitors come to your website. Another important point to keep in mind is that your homepage should have a lead capture form. You should not focus on driving more and more traffic rather your focus should be on converting the traffic already coming to your website. Here is another informational piece that can help you convert visitors using inbound marketing tricks.

Have you started a new website or are planning to do? Did you find these steps valuable? Share with us your views on the simple and effective ways mentioned above.

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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