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4 Easy Steps To Create A New Email Marketing List

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Developing an email marketing list is of foremost importance before starting a email campaign. Creating a subscriber list which is validated and updated on a regular basis is a bit challenging but if done on a consistent basis can reap huge returns.There are a lot of offline and online tactics which can be adopted for building a email marketing list. Below are 4 easy steps to create a new email marketing list

  • Email address acquisition at point of sale (POS)

This is one of the most effective offline and proven technique for email list building. This startegy can be put into practice where the marketing associates can make themselves available at retail store outlets or certain in-store events and ask customers customers for email addresses. The customers need to be properly educated about the benefits of the email program and the expectation from the program need to set correctly. It has been found that this is  one of the proven techniques in acquiring email addresses both in terms of quality & quantity.

  • Enable email signup boxes on the website

This another effective and easy to implement methods for acquiring an email list. Design the signup boxes in a very simple and concise manner, which can help the audience to easily spot it on the website. The signup boxes can be flexibly placed but its most advisable to place it on the top banner of the website. This helps the audience to easily spot and enroll up. Also make sure that an explicit description of ‘what can be expected’ and the benefits of being on the mailing list is explained clearly.

  • Account registration and online e-commerce forms

Enabling email signup in account registration or e-commerce forms on the website is another great practice which can lead to a quality email list building. On the forms make sure that geographic and demographic information are compulsorily collected to help in the segmentation of the list. Also the benefits and incentives on being in the list need to be explained explicitly.

  • Email signup on request of valuable information

If you are a company in the e-commerce sector or service sector which provides valuable data or whitepapers, it is essential to setup an arrangement  where an access to customer’s personal data (Viz. email address, gender, demography) in exchange of access to information requested by the customer is enforced. This ensures a fair tradeoff between both parties.

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