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4 Effective Tips To Succeed With Inbound Marketing Through Shareable Content

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Blogs play a very important role in promoting a business online. It is one of the best way to attract your targeted audience. Writing a blog for your site is good but marketing it is the most important part of it. Sharing its content on the web consequently increases your followers on the web.

Here below are some tips to succeed in inbound marketing through some quality shareable content on the web:

1) Don’t Try Something New:

By this I mean never try to do something which you have never done or not related to your business or previous blog posts. Try to find the blog posts for which you got more number of views, comments or the blogs that were shared in more number using several metrics and analytics. Always try to write blogs on these topics and area’s as they had a good impact on the audience, thereby writing blog posts in these areas improves your audience views and followers online.

2) Optimize Your Headlines And Surprise People:

Always use catchy words or strong words as your blog’s headlines. A blog headline itself says about what type content is present in your post. Surprising people mean try to put some unique and quality rich content in your blogs. Always post updated trends and happenings in your blog and see it is up to date.

3) Use Images And Graphics Where Ever Required:

It is always important to use appropriate images and graphics where ever possible. It is proved that 43% of the Americans are visual learners, the similar holds to other people all over the world. It is a known fact that human brain remembers stuff represented pictorially than stuff represented as a text. Hence by using right images you can attract more number of people to your blog. Make sure you always have a hard hitting graphics embedded in your blog to connect well with your audience.

4) Let Your Blog Market Your Content:

It means by sharing all your content on the blog it will drive people back to your website. By doing this you are actually allowing more people to know about your business and its services or products. When ever a person visits your blog for a particular topic, show him all the previous posts posted by you on the right side of your blog, this makes that person browse for more content on your blog. Also suggest some recommended articles to your viewers based on their search history. Provide some conversion tools like “subscribe our blog” or download our free report etc to increase your database.

Finally try to use SEO optimized keywords in your blog posts to attract more and more people, this helps in sharing your content on the web.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      It has been understood from different reports that ‘video’ is shared more than any other content. But there is no such mention in your blog? Any reason?

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