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4 Email Marketing Strategies For Accelerating Brand’s Growth

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Email marketing is one of the most widely used marketing strategies. Is it just because it is cheaper as compared to its counterparts available in the marketing realm or are there large number of advantages that compel the marketers to opt for this technique? This blog discusses the main strategies of email marketing that are not talked about often but are highly important for any growing as well as a well established brand.

Build an Email List

Knowing the target market is the first step in list building exercise. This calls for speaking the language of the audience out there and putting yourself into the shoes of that person you thought about hypothetically. This will help in the designing of the emails for the targeted people who will have someone they can easily relate to and step forward to buy the product actually.

The next step would be to present the offer strategically so that the reader cannot resist it simply because he needs it! The right place for the ‘offer’ may be at the website or the email itself. In order to make the whole effort a complete success, there is a need to include a free gift that must be given right away to the leads without worrying too much about the returns it will bring as there will surely be many. After this, follow up the leads so as to convert them into the customers. Without establishing good relationship with the leads it is simply impossible to convert them into customers and generate more and more revenue. The organisations who are carefully planning and executing this stage are more than successful with minimum investment.

There are several methods that can prove to be helpful in email list building. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Giveaway events
  2. Products and launches discussions
  3. Blogging
  4. Online forums
  5. Viral reports

The above mentioned list is not exhaustive and the methods can be used to build an email subscribers’ list that can be used anytime and every time there is a need to communicate with a specific group of people and make them know about a newly launched product, service or an event.

Grow The Email List

The money lies in the email list! Yes, there is a lot of money in the email subscribers’ list that is built up. It must be maintained well by focusing on the relationship building with the customers over a long period of time and delivering them all the good things that are practically possible right from the beginning. Do not wait for any miracle to happen and grab the attention of the readers right from the moment they open up an email. This means that ideally you have 7-10 seconds to make a good impression on an email reader. The email list will enable you to target the customers well as the people who subscribe for a particular type of emails have something strong in common which could be harnessed with patience and focussed approach.

Follow up on the response generated from the emails that you have sent out. This will help you to be in touch with the potential customers and convert them into not just your leads but customers quickly.

Wear The Hat Of An Investigator!

What this means is that there is a need to investigate about the products and the services that your competitors are producing and grabbing the market for. Since no service is perfectly complete most of the times, it is when a marketer can step in and take effective steps to grab your fair share of market. The products and the services that are recommended by the industry experts must be checked out and understood well so as to find the loopholes in the same. This strategy works well when the marketers are looking for business expansion but what if there is already a product similar in kind to that of a competitor? In such cases, it is even more necessary to understand the competitors’ products and services thoroughly and then design an email communicating all the relevant and unique features of the product or service in a concise manner.

Do a competitive analysis and brainstorm to find out different ways in which you can outperform the competition. Launch a study on the email marketing tactics adopted by your competitors and carefully observe for the ones that can serve you well.

Make People Believe That Something Can Actually Be ‘Free’

The offer that you give away must be ‘free’ in the real sense, so as to generate a positive energy around your brand. A free gift, report or an educational event such as a webinar are some of the most powerful tools that give your marketing strategy a sure competitive edge. This is where the leads generation starts and the marketing funnel opens up. A smart email marketer must take into account the requirement of the most appropriate ‘free’ giveaway that can be given to the users right away without any huge monetary investment at least in the initial phase of marketing. If a ‘free’ gift has a unique value attached to it, it is bound to generate leads much beyond the expected value.

The freebies seekers are usually the people who are interested in the product but are not in a position to make up their mind at this point of time and hence, can be nurtured for something more positive in near future. These are the people with high potential to turn into the consumers if they are convinced that they will be served well once they enter into a deal with a company. A careful study about the mindset of the leads can certainly help in generating more revenue with different types of free gifts offered from time to time. There is a wide range of free gifts that can be used for the purpose and may or may not involve any monetary investment in its production. But, it must be remembered that the quality of the free gift is good enough to reflect your genuine intentions and portray you as a fair player rather than just a greedy marketer.

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