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4 Email Marketing Tips For Successful Email Campaign

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If you are busy finding the reasons for the failure of your last email campaign, this blog is probably for you. This blog discusses 4 very important email marketing tips that one may have not come across earlier. These 4 simple to use email marketing tips may prove a saviour without costing a huge amount.


  1. Send Only Relevant Emails

This means that we should refrain from sending just any email about our various products to people. It irritates the recipients and they may even unsubscribe from the newsletter without giving a second thought to the fact that they were initially interested in one of the offered products or services. Therefore, send emails only to the people who have signed up for any of the offered products or services.

  1. Content width

We do pay attention to content length but tend to forget to do the same for the width. Isn’t it? The content width is an important parameter that determines the impact of an email on the reader. It should ideally be kept 650 pixels wide so that the reader can view the whole content at a time without it being slipped in the ends/corners of the device.

  1. Call To Action

The content should be consistent as well as interesting enough to make the reader click on the CTAs. The call to action must be designed intelligently and placed smartly so that it’s readable and falls into a logical sequence. The CTAs must be as clear and crisp as possible but not robotic in feel. It will be be more effective if human touch is involved.

  1. Take Care Of Spamming

Do not be over enthusiastic to speak about your business through emails. It is not at all required to send emails that people haven’t asked for as these may simply end up in their spam folders. Too many emails may result in loss of customer base.

The above mentioned tips will help  in initiating effective email marketing campaigns in future.                                                                                           

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