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4 Email Marketing Tips That Are Working Amazingly For Your Competitors

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You may have launched many email marketing campaigns with varying degree of success. It is high time now to understand some basic concepts of email marketing and apply them properly to maximize returns from the same. This blog brings to you 4 easy email marketing tips that are being used by your competitors for continued success.

1. Decide KPIs clearly

It is important to decide upon the key performance indicators of email campaigns. These may be many such as open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, referral rate or click to open rate. You should observe the fixed parameters closely so as to make the necessary amendments well in time.

2. Subject line

It is a very important component of an email. If you fail to design a catchy yet informative subject line, you lose 50% of the battle or may be completely. If the subject line is not appropriate, your mail may end up in the spam folder or may be deleted without even being opened. Hence, try to make it crisp and clear in letting the reader know the purpose of communication.

3. Personalize the mail

Using general words such as ‘dear customer’ or the similar ones to address the recipient may lead to loss of interest in reading further as the person gets a feel that he will be forced to buy something and there is no need to read further. Be imaginative and experiment with specific calls such as ‘Hi First Name’ or the similar ones. This results in higher and better responses from the readers.

4. Use text and images properly

You should not include the text in an image as the latter is not visible at the first go in many cases. Many email clients do not support automatic downloading of the images and hence it is not a wise idea to risk losing your text there. In case it is necessary for you to do so, then you can use ‘Alt’ tag and reiterate the written content within the graphic.

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