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4 Email Marketing Tips That Can Save You From Embarrassing Results

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Sending an email to a potential customer is the most commonly practice used by the businesses in the present day scenario. Emails not only deliver the message across but also give the readers a chance to convey their thoughts back to the sender, provided the sender has given him an option to do so. The following are 4 email marketing tips that must be carefully understood and applied to the next email marketing campaign for the new or old product(s) or service(s) that are offered.

  1. Short and crisp messages

An email reader should not be taken for granted. These readers actually pay very less time say few seconds to scan an email and do not spend much time in understanding the whole content of the mail. So, in order to maximise the chances of making the readers stick to the mail for sometime, it is necessary to deliver the mail in the form of a short capsule that can not only be taken quickly but also digested fast. Avoid lengthy stories!

  1. Pay attention to email design for mobile devices

There are certain things that must be remembered while launching an email campaign nowadays. An email in order to be perfect for both the desktop and mobile devices must include the features such as large icons, appropriate language focussing on the mobile device users and the layout of the same. The large icons are a help to the user in tapping on it and getting the required action done easily. The language and the subject line should be designed carefully so as to show the adaptability of the business for the new technology and hence generate better response.

  1. Be honest

This calls for the message being at the top itself and wasting the time of the reader and expecting him to scroll down the entire email and find the message. Do not play the game of ‘hide and seek’ with the reader by hiding the message in the form of graphics that are not easily downloadable or lower portion of the email. Also do not overload an email with graphics thinking that it will enhance its readability and hence the sales.

  1. Call to action

As you are looking for some action from the reader’s side, he also expects something concrete in return. The reader must be tempted in order to hit the CTA button in the mail. There are few things as follows that must be included while presenting a call to action to the reader-

  • A call to action must be crystal clear in demanding an action from the reader. There should be ‘1 CTA for 1 desired action’.
  • Keep it at the top itself along with the main message of the email. It should be visible to the reader on the first fold itself without any need of scrolling down.
  • It is the right place to attach an offer and tempt the reader to click on the same. For example – ‘Grab your free ebook here!’ which takes him to buy the actual product or service soon.

Follow these simple to use email marketing tips and you shall reap the rewards soon!

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