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4 Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Campaigns Continuously

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An effective email marketing campaign helps in several ways; it increases life-time customer value, converts freebie seekers into buyers, winning back lost customers and identifying the core group of customers.

Follow these Email Marketing tips to continuously improve the campaigns : 

1. Stand-Out from 99% of the Marketers

  • When we are sending the same,routine emails to our audience, we are just being a part of the “crowd”. Most of us do not realize that a lot of our audience are on several email lists, and they may be seeing a similar offer from other marketers as well. For instance, using same titles, same subject lines, similar offers and same email copy, from other email marketers, does not create an impact in the readers mind.
  • Offering “Unique Content”  that is fresh and new in the emails sets one apart from the rest. The idea is to create a lasting impact when the emails are read.

2.  Creating Value and Building Trust with the Audience

  • Building trust with the customers is the stepping stone in ensuring that the email marketing campaign is effective. It positions you as a leader and not a follower in the customers’ minds.  Having gained the customer’s trust makes selling easier.
  • Never send emails for affiliates, your audience may Spam you, i.e, One should not promote other’s products/services to people in their email lists. Instead, the focus should always be to promote  own products & services.
  • Always Over deliver, i.e Always offer something of great value in the emails and making sure it is delivered. People always like to get something extra. For instance, offering free leads to subscribers.
  • By sharing your stories and beliefs in the emails, you can connect with the audience, and build trust. This will also enable to identify the core group of customers which can be focused on for sending emails in future.

3.  Use the Right Type of Email in the Campaign

  1. Story Email– According to studies, people love to read stories and gossip. The purpose of story email is to engage, build trust with the readers.
  2. Ask Email-  The purpose is to get feedback or suggestions from the customers.
  3. Bullet Email Using bullet points to tell the readers about your product/service. This helps to build anticipation and creating desire in the readers minds.
  4. Empathy Email This involves letting the customers know that you understand them.The idea of this type of email is to build empathy and trust with the customers.
  5. “Plain of  Engagement Email-  The purpose is to get readers engaged, get their attention, letting them know that you have created something that is going to help them.
  6. “Sharing your beliefs” Email-  The purpose is to build a relationship with people who agree with you.
  7. “Admit your flaws” Email-  You can use this type of email to build trust, understanding with the readers and drawing them closer to you.
  8. Expose Email-  Purpose of this email is to expose an issue or a common problem to build trust with the audience.
  9. “What you hate” Email-  This helps to relate with the audience and building a core audience.
  10. Scarcity Email- Purpose of the email is “To get people to buy”. For instance, sending a “Hurry. Low Stock Alert” email.
  11. Shock Email-  Purpose of the email is to shock people, grab their attention and build trust in the reader’s mind.
  12. Call Me Email- Providing your contact details in the emails serves as an up-sell strategy.
  13. Discounted Email- Mixing a bit of scarcity and discounts in the emails
  14. Proof Email–  By mentioning about results and how they were achieved by you, in the emails, helps to build trust, and makes the readers perceive you a leader.
  15. Amazing Offer Email-  Offer something that the audience can really relate to and will be hard for people to refuse.
  16. “Point out a big problem” Email-  The purpose of this email is to build trust, point out an issue and provide a solution.

4. Don’t Forget to use “Personalized Content” in the Emails

  • Use conversational tone in writing the content of the emails. Writing as if you are writing to “one person” gives a message that you are trying to connect with the customer personally.
  • Personalized content creates a bond with the reader and helps in building trust.

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