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4 Essential Things Of Hootsuite For Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

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In the twenty first century we are living in the Internet age. The Internet is the huge platform. Almost every organization has its own website. Marketing is an essential function for any business. With the advent use of the internet, the way of doing marketing is changing. Organizations or individuals use social media sites to establish communication with people. Today social media considered as a most efficient tool for marketing. Companies can easily convey information related to the product or service to people. At a time large people can address in a cost effective manner. There are so many different social media channels available in the market such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc. But it might get difficult for companies to maintain communication through all these social media channels. Specially, for small businesses where resources are less and marketing team are small. Today, customers want choices through which they can interact with your company or brand. Some of them may use twitter for communication or some of them may use Facebook or any other social media channel for communication. So it is important to build an online presence by understanding customer’s point of view. It’s almost impossible for companies to maintain and update all these social media channels at the same time without proper software and big marketing team. This problem can be solved by Hootsuite.

g2crowdHootsuite was created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. It is a social medial management system for the brand management. The user interface of this system is in the form of a dashboard. It helps to keep track and manage your different social media channels as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Myspace, WordPress, Trendspottr, Mixi, etc. You can easily get information about what people are saying about your brand, what are their queries and what they expect from you through different social medial channels. Also, you can easily and quickly respond to people with Hootsuite.  Inbound marketing is all about right content creation for the right people at the right time. For the successful implementation of inbound marketing tactics it is essential to connect with people by providing them correct content.  Hootsuite has some unique and interesting features which makes it more powerful and prominent choice to achieve inbound marketing goals.

1) Monitors multiple streams in one place

download 1It is the most effective feature of HootSuite. It allows you to manage different social networks . HootSuite currently allows you to manage Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Myspace, WordPress, Foursuare, Trendspottr, Mixi (japanese social network), Vimeo, reddit, StumbleUpon, Instagram, edocr, tumblr, evernote, flicker, mailchimp, slideshare, storify and many more. Hootsuite provides facility to add more than one on the same network. This can be useful to manage multiple Twitter channels or Facebook pages. Also, you can easily post to multiple channels at the same time. But while posting on multiple channels at you must take care of the number of characters you are using. For example, twitter allows only 140 characters and Facebook allows as many characters you want. Facebook allows you to upload videos and photos along with post.

2) HootSuite scheduling calender

Hootsuite-schedule-professionalvasThis is another interesting feature provided by Hootsuite. Social media networking requires considerable amount of time invested. But often organizations has a lack of time due to the project deadlines. HootSuite’s scheduling feature can be the best solution for this problem. It allows you to schedule posts from all your social media platforms in advance. You can decide the day and the time for your post in advance. Also, you can view all your scheduled posts from different platform in a convenient calendar format. You can edit your scheduled posts or messages. It  allows you to share your content frequently and stay connected with people by 24/7. You schedule your posts for a day or for a week or for the month. It helps you to save time and boost productivity and creativity.

 3) Get free reports by email

Analytics-Click-StatsIt is essential to analyze your  performance on social networks. Many organizations have their own analytics tool for network analysis. But if you are getting software where you can manage, analyze, update, schedule your activities in one software only, then why to use different software. Yes,  HootSuite provides facility to analyze  your different social media network. Hootsuite generates weekly analytics report. This sends the PDF attachment  to you by email. This report consists of your click summaries. It gives you the details about

  • Top referrers
  • Most popular link
  • Number of clicks per day
  • Geographical information about people (from where they are clicking)

This is a free service provided by Hootsuite. You can easily analyze your performance with the help of this report. The report will work only if you are managing all your social networks through Hootsuite. With this you can easily find out your strong areas and weak areas so that you can decide your next target.

4) YouTube integration

In the social media marketing, informative videos plays an important role. This is the easiest way to aware customer about your product or service. In many companies YouTube is the major publishing platform. But again it is a bit difficult for organization to daily create video, post it on the network and analyse its performance. Copying and pasting URL’s  from within YouTube into the other application is really time consuming. But HootSuite provides you the feature where you can integrate your  YouTube video in HootSuite’s dashboard. It allows you to create a video and post it on as many network you want easily. You can also schedule your videos according to day and time you want.

Another important feature of Hootsuite is that it works efficiently on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and mobile platform. It works on all modern browsers. Hootsuite not only saves your time, but gives you an easy interface to communicate with your customers through different social media network without consuming much time. It is really beneficial for marketers who are trying to implement Inbound marketing strategies in their business. This is the smartest, efficient and effective social media  management software.

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