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4 Good Reasons To Use Content Optimisation Tools And Leverage The Content

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Many times while searching on the internet we come across the terms content, content optimisation, “content is king”, etc. But what is content? content is any written material. This is text which can people read and see on a website. There are thousands of websites are present containing huge content. In such a case, how to decide which content is really useful? or How to make our content attractive so that the reader will read it? The answer is content optimisation. Content optimisation is the process of making your website’s home page or a particular page on yours website more attractive and SEO friendly to search engines and users. While creating content make sure it should be high in quality, unique, attractive and relevant to the topic. To improve the visibility of content in search engine you can take the help of content optimisation tools. SEOmoz, Inboundwriter, Zemanta, scribe are some of the big names of content optimisation tools. Let me tell some good reasons to use content optimisation tools.

1) Focus

“Focus keyword” is one of the most important aspect of online writing. Search engine ranking depends upon the “keyword”. The keyword must be SEO friendly, attractive and topic relevant. Your search engine ranking will definitely improve, if you give readers content that is focused on the words and phrases that they use for the search. But how to define such keywords and phrases? By understanding your readers’ behavior deeply, you can decide keywords and phrases. It is bit difficult. Content optimisation tools help you to identify correct keyword and phrase in your post. After specifying topic in the tool it will give you the list of keywords and phrase which normally readers used to search for your given topic. All this information is based on the historical data of search engines and social media networks. So you can completely rely on that. This will help you to craft your content according to the customer’s interest.

2) Select the right keywords

Content optimisation tools give you the list of keywords and phrases relevant to your topic. But among this list how to select proper keyword. Before selecting the keyword or phrase you must ask yourself a few questions?

  • Is this keyword will driving more traffic to a website?
  • How often this keyword is searched?
  • How many people already using this keyword ? (competition present for keyword)

You should keep in mind that, always optimise your content for search popularity and to avoid competition. Don’t worry, no need to be an SEO expert. Content optimisation automatically rank and organize your virtual thesaurus based on your content strategy you mentioned. So it is easy for you to select the appropriate keyword. It is important to set your content strategy before start writing content to get the proper guidance.

3) Embed right number of focus terms in your content at right places

To write engaging content right structure is also important along with the right keywords. Content optimisation tools provide you a guidance, so you know where and how many times to write focus terms in your content. The guidance you receive depends upon the length of your content. If your content is short then tool suggests inserting few number of focus terms and if your content is long, thin tool suggests inserting a considerable number of focus terms. It is also important to use one of your focus term with first 50 word of your content.It is better to insert focus terms in the earlier part of the content as it improves search engine ranking. Try to concentrate on a single topic while writing any article or post. Too many topics will confuse the search engine about the real intent of the content.

4) Write title using Focus terms

The title is the most important part of any content. It should be eye catching, attractive, unique and self describing about the subject. Title introduce your content to the world. It indicates about the subject on which your content is based. It is the medium of communication with both readers and search engines through which you can tell them what you are writing about. Content optimisation tools help you to design your total including one of your focus term.

New to online writing field. Don’t worry about search engine ranking, volume, competition, titles, focus terms.  At every stage you will receive proper guidance from content optimisation tools. These tools changed the picture of online writing. Now writers can write more attractive content as they know the words and phrase their readers use while searching on the internet or while sharing. These tools help writers to write better for online visibility. In any kind of writing like blog posting, website updating, creating a new landing page, etc.  these tools are immensely useful.

Are you ready to write your new content under the guidance of new content optimisation tools? Write your views in comment box.

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