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4 Good Social Media Marketing Tips To Build A Strong Business Online Presence

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Social media marketing provides a perfect platform where companies can increase their revenue by getting business from repeat customers. This can be achieved if your current customers can somehow be converted to your franchise promoters.

Use Of Social Media To Turn Your Customers Into Promoters:

When you want social media to convert your customers into your franchisees or promoters of your business, you have to change few of the strategies that you employed to attract users / visitors. To achieve this objective, your social media strategies should be planned in a manner that the feeds that you post should be having quality content and directed towards both current and potential customers. Following are few SMM strategies which can be adopted to recruit promoters:

  • Generating Content That Is Shareable

When a company / brand aims to turn its current customers into the promoter of its business, the main goal behind this is that the promoters propagate exciting news about their franchise. If this is one through social media it means sharing the posts / content of the brand across different social media platforms. The best way to convert your current users into your genuine promoters is by providing them good quality and unique content which motivates and inspire them to like and share even if you do not ask them to do it. If a reader agrees, enjoys and feels excited about your post then they are most likely to share and promote it among their peers. The content should be original, rightly timed, crisp and short.

  • Inviting And Encouraging Users To Share Their Experiences And Stories

One of the good way to turn your customers into happy franchisee promoters is by inviting them to talk about and share their testimonials. Users that are happy, love to talk about their good experiences in the form of writing online testimonial on a contact form, uploading a positive video review on your YouTube channel or by commenting on a status update on Facebook. Though there are chances that you may draw few criticism and negative review while inviting to give feedback on social platforms but that can be managed by employing reputation management system and strategies to address user’s concerns.

  • Making Your Presence On Social Media Platforms Truly Engaging

The work of marketer does not stop once you get some stories and engagement from your customers in the form of positive review. It becomes even more important for the brand to acknowledge them. Always remember that the conversations are two way or both sided. A potential customer / user will generally feel impersonal if the conversations are one sided. Monitor your page / accounts regularly and constantly try to reply to comments and engage users who are posting there. All this gives a positive feeling to the customers of getting involved and heard.  This will further encourages them to be more involved, give positive review, testimonials, and more sharing of their positive experiences on different social platforms.

  • Continuously Try To Establish Customer Impetus

The old age of marketing states that 80 percent of your business is due to repeat / old customers and 20 percent of business is accounted by new ones which holds good even to this day. Thus, keeping this concept in mind never forget your current customers. Make sure to show your love and appreciation to your current customers too. Brands / Franchisees sometimes while giving schemes / discounts to the followers put a caveat that this scheme applies only to the first time users / customers. Now this can turn off some of your current customers who may have the feeling that their loyalty and long association with the brand is getting overlooked. If you give an impetus to the current customers to return to your franchisee, then they more likely to further promote your brand and spread better and positive word of mouth.

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