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4 Google Search Power Examples

4 Google Search Power Examples

Google ever since its inception in 1998 has become one famous thing! According to Lancaster University research, ‘Google’ is used more frequently than words like ‘eggs’, ‘clever’, ‘death’, or even ‘fridge’. By the way, they examined millions of words of casual conversation and Google stood high above.



There is no doubt that search is equivalent to Google and Google is equivalent to search. You would not disagree with the fact that search is synonymous to Google. We talk about Googling things. Well, this explains our point. The search engine giant has become dominant in almost every sphere both in terms of usage and awareness in consumer’s mind.

Google has been dominating almost everything related to business and searches across 90 percent of the market, worldwide. However, the question is does Google’s ever-changing and mysterious algorithms have too much power? Does this one thing affect everything we all access, be it failure or success of the businesses, the reputation of an entity, and even the mastery of political ideas? Well, maybe. Let us look at the power of Google with these 4 searches.

Top 4 Examples of Google’s Power

1. Working of Google Search

If you type down something on the Google search engine bar, it goes through indexing and crawling the web to algorithms to the ranking of pages to give you ‘what you mean’. According to Ben Gomes, a Google Engineer, the challenge for Google is to understand what is there on the searcher’s mind. He says Google aims at giving you the perfect search on what you are looking for..actually looking for.

However, the problem is Google constantly changes its algorithm to refine its search. These tweaks could be as many as a thousand in a year and whenever there are changes, there are victims too.

2. Unprofessional Hair

Well, if you type down unprofessional hair in the Google search engine, the search results shown on Google are notable. The images that are shown are almost all of black women. Does that mean the Google algorithm is a little racist? Google engineer, Ben Gomes gives the explanation that it is not smart enough to understand all the slight differences of language.

‘Our algorithms today are not able to pick up on that very complex nuance of the double negative in it, or the subtlety of that discussion’ Ben Gomes, Google

On being asked the reason, he says this is because the images are linked to pages that talk about why a hairstyle which is popular among black women, is not really professional. Though he agrees that search engine can just reflect societal bias. As per Google engineers, their bias is towards trusting the science behind a search. Gomes further says that they have always taken the view that this is an algorithmic process which they don’t interfere with.

There is no doubt that the information delivered to us and millions of Google users across the globe is determined by algorithms which its own engineers don’t fully comprehend. Well, that’s a little messy. Isn’t it?

3. Google Has the Power To Affect Elections

Have you ever thought if Google could affect the result of an election or who is going to run the country? Considering Google’s dominance and the authority Google algorithm has with what we search, it is quite possible they can determine who rules us. According to researches done by Dr. Robert Epstein, a psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioural Research, it is shown that parties or candidates that appear in search results could influence elections.

‘It will shift the opinions of undecided people so dramatically that just being higher in search rankings can win someone an election’ Robert Epstein, psychologist

Does that mean Google engineers can really twist the algorithm to favor a particular candidate? Well, there is no surprise if they do as there was always scope for a defrauder employee to do that. There is a bad possibility that they could do it with their algorithm.

The computer program is always going to put things into an order and in every election it’s almost certainly going to put one candidate ahead of another.

This means the results of an election are decided by Google algorithm. However, Google labelled research by Dr. Epstien as a ‘flawed conspiracy theory’ and argues they have never changed search rankings to manipulate the sentiments of the users. Nevertheless, there is something like emergent bias. This means even if Google is producing what it sees as relevant results, there are possibilities of it being biased.

4. Google Search for Hotels

The search results shown by Google makes us question whether these search processes are pure and simple as claimed by Google? The ‘ten blue links’ given by Google have been diluted. If you search for something like ‘Hotels Tallinn’ and the search results that show-up are of paid ads at the top, then a map with a box showing a couple of links. In fact, if you are searching on a mobile that is all that you will see in the beginning. To find the ‘organic’ results, you will have to scroll down..way down!

According to its rivals like Tripadvisor and Yelp, this practice is biased and they have complained about the same. This is because map at the top is peopled by restaurants or hotels reviewed on Google+ rather than their more popular review services.

“The problem arises when you leverage your dominance in one business area and begin using that unfairly to go into adjacent business areas.” Luther Lowe, Vice President of Public Policy, Yelp.

Lowe feels Google is abusing its power and this is a classic case of one. Though Ben Gomes says it is all about the users. They are giving answers to what its users are looking for. However, many regulators seem to be skeptical and they are investigating the same where Google could be accused of abusing its power in the search.


We all know the power and dominance of Google in today’s world. But what if Google is misusing its power or being biased? Have you ever experienced this? Share your views on the force of Google with us!

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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