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4 Great Email Marketing Tips To Accelerate At A Higher Speed

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Besides social media platforms, which create relationship with prospective customers on a personal level, email too plays an important role as a marketing channel for establishing a loyal customer base. In the current scenario, email marketing channel still holds an important and powerful position at the top of the sales funnel. What creates a successful email marketing is the different strategies adopted over a period of time.

Below are 4 great email marketing tips to accelerate your business growth

  • Clean up & validate the customer database on regular basis

Once you have created a very large customer database through opt-in methodology, its very important to validate your data base on regular basis. Once you analyze your click through rates (CTR) & open rates, you might find out that a segment of the database not responding. So it is very essential to validate whether this segment is interested or not. Make sure that you send emails with a call to action (CTA) which requests customers whether they are interested in newsletter subscriptions, product updates, special offers etc. This should be done periodically (every 3-6 months). The net result will be a higher conversion rates

  • Catchy subject lines

Subject lines are very important of the structure of email.They should capture the attention of the customer within few seconds of scanning through them. Its been found that subject lines that are very precise and that doesn’t do a sales pitch has higher open rates than the one with a sales tone.

  • Optimization of emails for mobile platforms

Now a days there is an increasing number of people using mobile platforms for checking emails or social networking sites. Its therefore very essential that email templates be optimized for the mobility. The email template for mobile should be having a very concise structure. Most ideal template would be a single column, where the customer doesn’t have to scroll side ways or minimize. Also, the mobile optimized email should not be having not more than one Call To Action(CTA) so that it can be easily clicked through.

  • Do a statistical test on your campaigns

Before running a full fledged campaign it is always best to come up with 2 optional design templates and with 2 different call to actions, which can be tested to understand the statistical (A/B Testing) outcome.The test can be run with about 300-500 numbers of your customer base initially. The outcome on CTRs, open rates can reveal a lot about which design was successful.

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      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Any practical or real life example for point 2? catchy subject line?

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