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4 Helpful Tips That Will Solve Your Video Related Email Marketing Problems

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Developing an email draft with the right use of words, pictures, sound and videos is an art. One should know how to nail down prospective client of the company through emails. Video embedding in the mail plays a major and pivotal role in attracting right clients. Thus, few key elements which should be kept in mind while drafting an email and using videos are mentioned below:

1. Right Time To Drop An Email With Video: Including videos in the email will not do the needful unless and until it is used on right time and with the right components:

  • The clear sound of the video should be the key element to attract most of the viewers.
  • Visuals play major role in evoking emotions and gives a personal experience to clients. Hence, it is a great tool to attract them.
  • Appropriate and meaningful text in the email helps more clients to get attracted to watch the embedded video and then take their call.

2. Precised Content Is The Best Story Teller: The most difficult task for anyone is to attract prospective clients through email drafts. Therefore, in such a case videos, play a major role. However, lengthy videos ignore the crux of the email and do not attract the clients as well. Hence, précised videos of 2 – 3 minutes with complete information about the product / service of the company might be of great help rather than the one narrating the whole story.

3. Quality, An Essence Of Successful Email Marketing: An email with complete information but with no quality is a waste for any client. Hence, it is very much important to maintain the quality draft and embed a quality video in the email. Following points should be kept in mind for the same:

  • Audio Quality: Audio quality matters the most in videos. If it is not clear then in that case, the client will not be able to gain anything out of it. Hence, bad quality audio is a waste for clients and it will only help them in running for some other company.
  • Visual Appeal: Video with blurred images, shaky cameras, etc. will not bestow any punch to the clients. First 2 – 3 seconds of visual decides that whether the client will stay to see it further or move to some other video. Hence, its quality also plays an important role in attracting right clients.
  • Story Teller: Video should be a storyteller to the client. It is not important to engage multiple visuals while creating a video while a single shot of a man sitting in a chair and narrating a story can do wonders.

4. Repetition Is A Not A Good Deal: Now-a-days, the audience has become very smart and understand the value of quality videos / emails. Repetitive words in the videos often sound boring to the audience and hence, not a good deal to work on. Therefore, it should be ignored.

Thus, it is very important to write an effective email with the right tools and video embedding so as to attract more and more clients.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      What would be the minimum and optimum size of email marketing message? Also what would be an ideal video length for embedding into email message?

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