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Nothing tops the consistent creation of high quality blog content, of all the activities to make a difference in performance of a website. Still nothing terrifies new blogger more than publishing something one, two, three, or ten times a week.
Every blogger comes with a fear in heart. But it doesn’t have to this way. So below listed are some powerful tips, for the ones who are beginning to blog, to make their content creation much easier.
1. Write whatever you know
If the organization or business needs a website and wants it to turn into an online engagement or sales channel that attracts visitors, create customers, generate leads, and promote what is done, then one must know that there is something valuable to share with the world. That’s it, this is what one needs to blog about.

2. Bloggers are already doing it and they just don’t know about it
Bloggers help businesses to be successful by creating remarkable content. It turns a company’s website into online sales channel. The successful companies share whatever education, consulting, etc. that they are providing to prospects before they sell anything in their blogs.

3. Bloggers should have a plan
One thing that scare new bloggers the most is the concept of creating lots and lots of content. The important thing the newbies should know that their favorite news outlet (in print or online) couldn’t exist without something called editorial calendar.
An editorial calendar allows the journalists and bloggers to plan their content on regular basis. Many popular magazines have an annual calendar that is further broken into months. Thus a bloggers calendar can also be broken into weekly content.
Many businesses are seasonal in nature. Sales cycle may be driven by holidays, or big trade shows, or changes in weather. Regardless of whatever they are, the bloggers can easily find recurring events that can help them to plan content. Thus when the blogger combines this with a suite of content distilled from the real world education and sales process, they will have two extremely powerful sources of content generation.

4. Bring variety in content
The best researches shows that 600 words is the ideal length of blogs. Basically new bloggers fall into two categories: those who can’t seem to distill their thoughts in less than 2,000 words and those who have difficulty writing even 100 words.
Some blogs are remarkably short, while some include great videos and hardly any text. Some even include pithy statements that makes people angry or stirred their emotions. Some even contain great advices, that people read it more than once.
These are few tips that can make new bloggers more consistent and confident.

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