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4 Inbound Marketing Tips You Must Follow To Beat The Competition

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Winning the ‘competitive edge’ is a buzzword that many times create a nightmare among many corporate leaders and marketers.  How to win the market competition? Perhaps, it is the most popular business puzzle. Some organizations try to solve the puzzle either with strong attributes of their brands or products, or with their community orientation. In doing so, they are still heavily inclined to outbound marketing strategies, including offering freebies, discounts and other lucrative offers. Such tactics may help a company to realize a certain immediate gain, but can never ensure its ‘Brand Association’, ‘Brand Loyalty’ and online ‘Brand Positioning’, which are indispensable requirements for achieving a sustainable win over a longer period of time. It is hardly possible to achieve all these, either through offline or online advertising alone. It essentially requires the inbound marketing strategies, which ensures a phenomenal promotion and greater connectivity between the brand or product and its customers. The following FOUR tips are a must to follow to beat the competition and to ensure a sustainable win.

#.1. Create a huge pool of traffic to identify your customers.

The main goal of inbound marketing is not to engage in direct selling, but to attract your target audience to your website and engage them with your content to discover your business, brand and product or service. So, here you never start your promotional activities with the attributes of your product or service. Instead, you have to understand effectively the demographic attributes of your target audience, who later can be converted into your loyal customers. It’s more about identifying your community from the given population. First, try to understand and identify the attributes and characteristics, which are shared by your existing customers and then extend those attributes to match and attract more prospective customers to your site.

#.2. Facilitate discovery through rich content.

We all know that a well bloomed flower garden attracts a large number of honey bees. Similarly, a very rich, informative, educative and action oriented content will definitely draw maximum traffic to your site. Here, you’ve to adequately blend the expected social ingredients with the targeted commercial or business objectives in the contents. Here, your objective would be to make your content and presence socially and educationally viable to motivate and pursue your target customers to endorse your commercial objectives. The content must be developed, designed and organized in such a fashion, so that it can empower your customers to execute and operate on the digital platform independently through a self-driven discovery process. This will not only ensure a better ‘Brand Association’, but will sustain ‘Brand Loyalty’ and strengthens your online ‘Brand Positioning’.

#.3. Satisfied customers can create better synergy than costly celebrity association.

Definitely celebrity association adds value to your brand. However, on digital and social media platforms, you can achieve better competitive edge by inviting your satisfied customers to share their experiences with your community. That may generate a viral effect of liking and sharing such endorsements in your community and can create a synergy to reach more and more people. Such endorsements inherently increase the sales.

#.4. Do the continuous appraisal of inbound performance.

We must start the inbound marketing with measurable and achievable targets. We need to constantly monitor our alternatives, actions and contents to understand their comparative strengths and limitations in drawing customers to our sites and engaging them with our contents and pages. We can effectively use ‘analytics’ to track the lead generations and conversions.  

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