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4 Major Roles Of Personalization And Usage Data In SEO

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Personalization means to make changes or to adjust for an individual. In past, search engines were showing same results for same query on any machine. Now-a-days, search engines have become so smart that they give search results based on the individuals usage data. This specific results that any individual get according to their usage data means personalization in search. Usage data and personalization helps search engines to show the search results that are relevant to the user. Now lets have a brief on some of the important metrics that affect most:

Location Awareness:

You must have experienced that while searching from your mobile devices Google ask for your location. Location enables search engine to give you more specific search results if you are trying to search for any location specific thing. For example, when user searches for ‘Cafe Coffee Day’ then user is provided with nearby cafe coffee day location. Even if you deny to share your location then search engine will try to guess your location from your search history.

Search History And Auto Suggestions:

One the most exciting feature that search engines provide today is their ability to give suggestions in search query. Whenever you type something in the search box, search engine provides you with the next predicted text that can be searched based on usage data. The suggestion that user getting is based on the search history. Personalization comes into picture here. An interesting example is that you try entering ‘digital’ in search box from your mobile device and desktop pc. When you will do this they both will give some different suggestion if on both devices your have different search history.

Search history also helps search engine to give you relevant pages. An interesting example is, if a user likes to search for jewelry and now suppose user searches for ‘ruby’, user will be provided with ruby the jewel and not ruby the programming language.

Social Connections:

Social sharing is one of the ultimate way today to get higher ranking in search engines. For Google users, G+ is the social network where users share links. This social sharing also affects the search results when user does some search on relevant topic.

Search Patterns: 

Search engine also make note of your search pattern. Search pattern is what user is searching frequently and what is it about? Sometimes random search pattern of user misleads the search engine, but in that case search engine provides users with default results. For example, user searches for ‘ruby’ and search pattern of user is random then user is provided with the most famous ruby which can be a jewel or programming language.

Now from SEO perspective one should keep these factors in mind as they affect the user searches. To reach the intended user, study of personalization and usage data is important as it affects the search result for individual as stated early in the post.

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