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Top 4 Metrics To Analyse Inbound Marketing ROI

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Days are gone when entrepreneurs and business people were hands folded and finger crossed about what may be the response for their product in the market.Spending huge amount of their money on advertisement in TV or radio channels which was risky and immeasurable for them. But now the trend has changed and marketers are not interrupting the viewers’ favorite TV shows or the radio shows but by an interesting video or a BLOG. Viewers can easily know what they want and is the company fulfilling their desire ?

This is all about Inbound Marketing and there are many ways to measure the returns but below are the top 4 easy metrics for you.

Metric 1: Acquisition of Market – 

If you want to measure the performance of your Inbound marketing you can go with the number of markets acquired and this can be done with the help of your research team.These people will give you the clear picture for the number of existing customers retained as well as the number of new customers acquired.

Metric 2 : Lead generation – 

Well this is an absolutely true and much needed tool measuring Lead Generation.The marketer can easily gather a large amount of database which was not possible for a traditional marketer. The more is the database, the more chances are for generating lead and converting prospect customers into sales.

Metric   3 : Conversion Ratio – 

In simple words it means the number of prospect customers converted into sales.This can be measured by comparing the past sales performance from the current sales performance.The percentage of change in sales and how many new customers have been added. You can even make a comparison chart,Ex- Traditional marketing conversion rate and on the next column Inbound marketing conversion rate. This conversion chart will show you the clear picture.

Metric 4 : Sales –

At the end, everything depends on one result, the sales. If sales are  higher there is no need to measure anything. It will allow you to go with the Inbound marketing concept. Even with the low investment you will certainly get good return on the same.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Good stuff Rahul. Well done. The 4 Metrics, you’ve mentioned, are important to trace the success of inbound marketing.

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