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4 Mistakes That Can Make Your Social Media Marketing Campaign On Facebook Suffer

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The field of communication is evolving day by day. From the traditional methods of letters, phone calls etc. we have come a long way in the field of communication. The boom of internet has transformed our lives. Emails, chat messengers etc. gave a new definition to communication modes. Continuous innovation in the field of internet is something that caught everybody’s attention. 2004 is considered to be a milestone in the field of internet. This was the year when Facebook entered the internet world. Facebook is a social networking site. The rise of social networking sites has given a new twist to the whole concept of communication over internet. Facebook, being a pioneer in the field of social networking has altered our perspective towards internet, communication and to stay connected.

Facebook was initially launched to give people a platform to stay connected to their friends and families. Facebook gave people an opportunity to share their messages, photos and videos. This allowed the users to stay connected and share everything instantaneously.

Gradually, Facebook became an undeterred platform for marketing and advertisement. Individuals and organizations started using Facebook as a tool to interact with their customers, fans and visitors. For any organization or an individual marketer keeping their fans engaged is very important. Facebook supported two-way communication, in which the marketers and their customers both could post their comments, reviews, queries and suggestions. This helped many organizations to develop and at the same time others could also know about a product or a service in detail.

Any service should be optimized in order to extract maximum out of it. The marketers using these social networking sites in an optimized way, gave birth to a wonderful concept of social media marketing.

Social media marketing has become the lifeline for any product or service. The ability to reach a large group of people in a short span of time has enabled social media marketing to be the king of all the marketing strategies. Social media marketing strategies, if applied with proper planning can give extraordinary results.

Facebook being one of the first entrants in social media, continuously develops new features in order to make it the most sought after social networking sites.

In order to succeed in this platform, one needs to keep few mistakes in mind which people usually commit while using Facebook to connect to other people. It is very important to avoid these glitches. The following are the four mistakes to be avoided:

1. Sales Motive:

Facebook is definitely used to grab people’s attention towards your products or services, but overdoing it can be dangerous. The audience or visitors of your page should not get a feeling of a hardcore business motive. The platform has been designed to engage your page visitors to establish a relationship with them. One must try to gain the trust of your fans. This would make the visitors and fans to come back to your page again and again.

One should be active enough to post at least once in a day. The posts should not be only about the products or services provided by you. It is important to understand that people come to social networking sites to socialize. If they are bombarded with sales promotions and advertisements, then the visitors won’t like it. The Facebook page could be kept livelier by posting relevant contents, some interesting information or tips. The visitors should be kept engaged by posting comments or responding to their queries on a regular basis. Thus, it is very important to avoid using Facebook as a medium to sell your products or services.

2. Posting links on Timeline:

The attention that an image grabs is unmatched when compared to a simple text or link. Your blog or your website would be flooded with information or offers, but it would not fetch the readership that you expect. Especially, posting links of your blog or website on the timeline of social networking site will not help you at all.

The posts on a Facebook page should be a right mix of images, texts, videos and finally links too. There are many social media marketing strategies which could be implemented to engage the audience. You can post engaging contents wherein people would respond rather than keeping it as a simple text or link. You could post quotes, share others Facebook updates and set milestones to keep your fans updated about your activities. While sharing others posts on your timeline, one must also post their views or comments about it. This will help people to know, why that particular post is recommended by you. This would help visitors to engage with you which would result in improved web traffic.

3. Spamming:

This is one major mistake which people commit while using Facebook or any other social networking sites. In order to show the presence and to promote their products or services, people join various groups. Posting about your product details on various groups again and again would be considered spamming and may result in people to get annoyed. This will not help to improve the visits to your Facebook page.

4. Tweets on Facebook:

It sounds really weird. People connect their Twitter Hashtags to Facebook. This results in display of tweets on a Facebook page which does not look good at all. Each social networking site has got their purpose and uniqueness. The tweets look better on Twitter. Filling up tweets on Facebook page is a wrong way of promoting your products or services.

If you still want to post similar contents on both Facebook page and Twitter, it is better to do it other way around. You may post your Facebook content on your Twitter account with appropriate link.

Apart from these common mistakes committed by people on their Facebook page, there is another very important thing that should be kept in your mind. Your Facebook page will speak for you if it is used properly. People should not indulge in buying fans for their page. The fake likes for your Facebook page will not do any good to your product or service. The success of a Facebook page depends on how well you engage your visitors. If Facebook identifies these fake likes, they are removed then and there which may in return harm your reputation badly.

The above mentioned were few common mistakes that need to be taken care of, while using your Facebook page for social media marketing. There are many ways to increase your fan base. It is better to connect with people to increase the popularity of the people rather than trying out shortcuts!!!

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