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4 Mistakes To Avoid In Google Adwords Shopping Campaign

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Google adwords shopping campaigns have off-late proved to be the most sought after forms of methods of generating more sales. There have been companies and brands achieving exponential growth in revenue generation by just implementing Google adwords campaign effectively. The design and development of adwords campaign is so dynamic that even the smallest of ignorance can be the difference between a successful and a flop campaign. Companies have successfully implemented Google adwords shopping campaign but yet sometimes they miss on optimization techniques which eventually lead to less profits then projected.

Here are a few mistakes that should generally be avoided while designing a Google adwords campaign and how to fix the same.

Not Backing Up Your Campaign

Designing a Google adwords campaign is not as easy as it sounds. There are gradual changes which are required to implement so as to develop the campaign effectively. For changes that are not reversible via Google adwords change history, the Google adwords campaign need to be backed up at regular intervals. The Google adwords shopping campaign can be backed up manually by downloading each product group report. The campaign requires some manual exercise to exactly replicate the previous campaign but it still proves to be helpful as it gives a snapshot how the earlier campaign was.

An example of how to download the entire product category is:

Suppose you have an e-commerce website selling different type of products and there is a subcategory named as “Lifestyle”. To download the entire category, you need to click on “Lifestyle” and then the sub-categories (Say for example “Clothing”, “Footwear” etc). Every sub-category needs to be opened to download the entire product category because it downloads only what you see.

Promotions Per Category

There should be a considerable effort in putting the same product group in the same product category. The reason behind it is that the promotions are done category wise so it is preferable that same category products are aggregated together. There is no provision for running promotions for different product categories.

An example of promotions per category is getting a 10% discount on footwear section of a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce website. The discount will only be applicable on the footwear section rather than other product categories.

Item ID Report

The item id report in Google adwords is used to choose the best outgoing products of the website or the items generating the most revenue on the website. Whenever you choose to bid on  certain product category, the item id is copied and inserted in the apt category. It helps the company in not selecting the default bid for that respective product because the bids have now been customized according to the item id of that particular product.

The most common type of mistake that usually occurs is to have an account structure that provides the item id report for multiple product category at the same time by classifying all the products into one category and then the respective item Ids. This is usually the case when one product falls into more than one category or when the category of the product is not clear as in what product category does the product comes under.

The most apt solution to the above problem is to keep one kind of a product under each category such as clothing, footwear, accessories etc and then dividing these categories on the basis of their item ids. By following this technique, the item id report is only generated for categories such as clothing or footwear or accessories which reduces the overall optimization time and thus the errors.

Changing The Product Group Structure

All the products on the website are viewed when you click on “All Products” button. This is a very broad term as far as all the products are concerned on the website. Everything under “all products” can be decomposed into various sub-categories such as clothing, footwear or accessories. They may also be categorized according to the item ids of the respective products. The most common mistake that advertisers generally make is how to break down the product categories into sub categories during the optimization of campaign.

Let us look at an example to get a clear picture.

Suppose you have a campaign structure with one product group per category and you are in the product category footwear. To get down to footwear, you need to click on edit icon for all products. The result will be all the categories. To visualize footwear, you need to exclude all other categories. You then click on edit icon for footwear and then break it down by item id. You can now optimize and insert new item ids accordingly.

The problem that generally occurs is when the next time you want to optimize the item ids for your product category. When you try to make additions in the previous campaign structure, the earlier campaign gets deleted and the change is irreversible via Google adwords. In order to avoid the above problem, it is advisable to take a screenshot of the campaign structure before adding any further bids or item ids to the product categories.


It is always advantageous to set up the right campaign structure in order to extract the maximum out of your investments. The idea of having one product group per category also makes the overall functioning smooth. It helps in maintaining the  to-the-point approach of the campaign. The promotions also get very precise as the entire category sells the same group of products. It is also advisable to take the screenshot of the campaign before adding the new item ids to the product categories as such changes are irreversible via Google adwords.

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