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How to get a bit better in 2014 in terms of fundraising efforts? If you get a bit better in things like retention, brand awareness, acquisition, customer support, communication etc. it is almost guaranteed that if the organization improved in a variety of areas, they’d be better off.
Below listed are four blogs that should be followed by a marketer this year, if he’s looking to bolster his fundraising efforts.
1. Future fundraising now
If someone wants an official education in fundraising, there are a number of schools that offer degrees and certificates and if someone requires unofficial education then should follow this blog.
Functioning of this blog is done by, Jeff Brooks. He is also the creative director of True Sense Marketing. He has background in direct mail, copy, and strategy. His blog is one of the best fundraising blog one can find.
He does a great job of curating other great fundraising and related blogs on web.

2. 99U
How to be more productive? Why is it hard to break bad habits? How does brain processes visuals? These are the questions asked by 99U blog. These questions might not look like typical fundraising questions, but as a fundraiser it will be better off after exploring this curated site.
It is a collection of loads of great content from a variety of different people and view point. It also makes the blog viewing and reading an excellent experience.

3. Stay classy
It is a blog from Californians, it leans towards online giving, peer to peer, and social media fundraising. This blog is great at giving ideas and tips, it offers useful eBooks and downloads, and drawings from real life experience and case studies. It keeps the audience updated with what’s current and what’s next. Whoever is specializing in the area of online and social fundraising, can say that these folks know what they’re talking about.

4. Bloomerang
It is a great innovative fundraising software product, in such a market that is desperate for some innovations. The product basically focuses on donor retention and data management. It gives a lot of expert tips, stats, and “how to’s” around those topics. It offers a hassle free use, as it is not necessary to sign up and buy their product.
It’s not just about data management on bloomerang, as the blog is covering digital and curating web for useful infographics and videos. It also offers free on demand webinars and eBooks to provide help for those who are in need.

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