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4 PPC Tips That Have Not Been Utilized Optimally In Any Search Engine Marketing Campaign

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For any marketing campaign to be successful be it on the internet or otherwise, proper planning and control is essential. This requires a lot of data that needs to be analysed and continuous improvement has to be done for targeted results. For any Search Engine Marketing campaign too, a lot of reports have to be measured such that ROI is perpetually on the increase while costs are controlled. To get best results, one has to get granular with each campaign. Research has however shown that there are 4 major areas that have not been utilized optimally in a Search Engine Campaign which can be further covered with the following tips. These tips are:

Time Of Day Report:

With this report, one can view the time of the day, when the traffic is high on your site. In fact, the report  is broken in hours and one could analyse each hour of the day. If you are not performing well in a certain hour, exclude allocating a budget for that hour. Accordingly, if a certain hour has a high traffic, keeping the optimum budget in mind, one could start bidding higher, to increase ROI.

Day Of Week Report:

One could also track from reports which day of the week has the highest traffic. Accordingly, one could bid higher or lower depending on the volume and costs involved. Both hour of the day report or day of the week report are similar in nature. In fact keeping both these reports in mind, one could formulate an ad scheduling strategy that works best for the company.

Segmentation By Device:

One could find out if conversions are more through laptops or desktops, or through tablets or mobiles. If mobiles have the highest volume, the company could bid differently on mobiles. This data would show  your clicks and conversions data for the period that you are focusing. Ideally one should experiment on a campaign for about three months before making any changes.

On mobiles your aim should be, to be on the top 2 ranks on the result pages. This is because people can effectively view only the top few ads on the result pages. In fact they don’t take the pains of scrolling down to view a page. Hence bidding for mobiles would be different than laptops.

Geographical Reports:

These reports tell you the results of your state, city or region where your conversions are the most. If you find that a particular region is not doing well, exclude it. Do not unnecessarily waste money on it. If your volume of traffic is high for a particular city, increase your bid but always within your budget, so that you don’t lose out.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      There is an over emphasis on data. I think data is not the answer for every problem. The subjective understanding and qualitative analysis are too important.

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