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4 PPC Tips To Cut Down Your PPC Cost And Attain Success With SEM Strategy

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Every business wants to maximize its sales and minimize costs. The Ultimate goal isn’t it?  Most of you would agree. But its just a thought, worth pondering over.

Where am I spending? What is the ROI? What are the sales numbers? Few questions to be answered, thought provocative for many and stressful for some.

Lets discuss 4 tips that would help reduce cost on your Facebook PPC Campaigns:-


1. Know Your Audience

Before bombarding the audience with your adverts, it is necessary to understand the demographics, requirements and patterns of the local or a global market you are playing in. In simpler words, do your homework and be well prepared.

In fact many people just start using Ads because ‘others‘ have done so, that is, they just step into the water without knowing how to swim.

2. Test Different Headlines

With everyone vying for online space and  attracting customer’s attention, a catchy headline or text could close the sale. It is recommended to try different headlines and text language to see which one works better for you. After all, you only get few words to make a mark.

As they say ‘Content is the King’, but lets not forget the importance of Images. For images, are a perfect way to grab a potential customer’s attention. Try the bold and the blatant ones.

3. Know What Time To Run The Ads

Since there are many theories regarding the best or the peak time to post an Ad, it is highly recommended to tailor your post according to your customers. A Study determined the three busiest viewing periods for Facebook’s usage were Monday through Friday at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

This could vary from market to market and country to country.

4. Clear And Concise CTA (Call to Action)


How do you compel the audience to close the sale? Something which your potential customer cannot resist? That is when a Call to Action is used. Many advertisers despite having a splendid content and information on their website fail to convert users into final sales. The reason being, not providing the final boost to cross the winning line,  and this would be a Call to Action tab which reads something like ‘Click here now’, ‘Subscribe Now’, ‘Sign Up for Free Trial’ as shown above.

CTAs should have the following:-

  • Relevance
  • Value Proposition
  • Disruption Factor

Relevance for the users and the target market. Value Proposition such us benefits to the customers. Disruption being the attention seeking ability to convey the message.

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  • There are 10 comments

    • 5 years ago

      James   /   Reply

      Great tips Vikalp, personally i don’t think there is any effect with regards to what time you run the ad, especially if you blog is international. But days definitely will have effect

      • 5 years ago

        Vikalp Bharti   /   Reply

        Thank you James, appreciate your feedback.I would agree on that part, if and only if the blog is a super-hit and already making waves with its audience. However, it would be much better if I advertise during the peak hours, especially if my audience is local rather than global.I am sure, there are more ways to look at this.More inputs are welcome.

        • 5 years ago

          Rajeev Karnam   /   Reply

          Isn’t there also a possibility of my ad getting lost during the peak hours as other marketers might be targeting the same time period, unless of course I’m spending heavily to keep the ‘ranking’ of my ad on the top with heavy spending?

          • 5 years ago

            Vikalp Bharti   /   Reply

            Excellent observation Rajeev! As I said earlier, there are more ways to look at this.Spending heavily on any Ad does not get you there, Facebook relies on Ad relevancy as well.Lets say, you spend heavily on your Ad and still the Advert lacks in relevance, it wouldn’t find a place.Secondly, it makes sense to find B2B customers during peak hours.

            Facebook Advertisement has two models to work with –
            1.CPM (Cost per Mile/Impressions) – Bidding when you pay to show your ad to 1000 people.
            2.CPC (Cost per Click) – Pay per Click model.

            We can use CPM even during peak hours if CPC doesn’t seems to be an option. 🙂

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Is demography of target audience so important? What would be the demography of the target audience for an engineering college? Only students of a particular age group? Or it would include the parents/ teachers and others too? If it is so important, then why this option is not given in other Social media space?

      • 5 years ago

        Vikalp Bharti   /   Reply

        I am glad you asked this Dr Goswami. There is no such option in any of the Social Media sites available to us. I have tried to stress the importance of the knowledge one must have, about the stakeholders involved in the business. And if you take an Engineering College for an example, then why not the parents? They too are the target audience, who are spending huge chunk for the enrollment of their wards. Hope I answered your question.

      • 5 years ago

        Rajeev Karnam   /   Reply

        I’d agree with Vikalp here, knowing our stakeholders will definitely result in a better utilization of our advertising expenses. While we do not have the option to customize our target audience to our liking on social media sadly, it would definitely help us in other digital marketing channels such as e-mail campaigns. Suppose I’m running an engineering college in Jaipur and know that the major chunk of my ‘outside admissions’ over the past few years have been from Delhi-NCR region, I’d be better equipped to place my ads accordingly. Conversely, I can target a location where the branding of my college is weak, say Punjab, more extensively.

    • 5 years ago

      Rajeev Karnam   /   Reply

      Great post Vikalp!

    • 5 years ago

      Sandeep Rajora.   /   Reply

      Good job Mr.Bharti.

    • 4 years ago

      Mpesa   /   Reply

      great tips Bharti, Facebook marketing keeps changing, its hard to know whats right.

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