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4 Questions To Pull More Traffic

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New age customers are different. Mostly they do not just buy a product or service by watching an advertisement in newspaper or television. They want to verify and cross-check the credibility of a company, its brands or products. Hence, excessive focus on utility of a product may not necessarily attract people to you. You need to adapt your strategies with the emerging trends, where companies are very keen to engage more and more people with their brands and products and their business process, than simply targeting on the number of units sold. The new age customers evaluate the impact of a company or product and its business process on the society, ecology and environment and economy in general and on the health and lifestyle of people in particular. Just look into the success of new age companies, such as Redbus, IRCTC, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Surat Diamonds, Vistaprint etc. What might be the reasons behind their success? Their products or services? Not yet. Primarily it is their skill of pulling people on internet, which offers more than their commercial articles or items. They have been able to engage the audience, empower their customers with their concept, content and process of business.   There lies the seed of their success.

What you say, do and offer, matter the most. Hence, your content, page design, action buttons, landing page options, keywords and even use of colours and graphics are more important determinants of business success through virtual world. Hence, you need to make those elements attractive, i.e  magnetic and catchy. As corporate communication executive or marketer, we need to think about the following FOUR (04) questions for effective pulling strategy.

1. Whom do you want to TARGET? First you have to identify your target audience. It is important to understand their expectations and preferences, EGO structures, energy level, educational background, lifestyle etc. Unless we understand them, we cannot influence them.  The target audiences of Redbus and Coursera are different. While the former targets the passengers, who are comfortable with bus journey but feel uncomfortable to physically stand in ‘Q’ and book the tickets, the later targets those who cannot access or afford off-line institutes for higher studies.

2. Why do you want them? You have to be very clear about your goal. The blogs, websites, landing pages, keywords, action buttons, etc. are to be exclusively designed to attract visitors, convert them into leads and ultimately doing business. It is required to create an attractive and virtually viable space for the company or brand, which in long run engage people with you for the purpose of your existence in the market.

3. What else do you offer? As we all know, doing business is not the only goal of Inbound Marketing. We’ve to offer opportunities to the visitors for learning, acquiring knowledge about technology and products, opportunities for networking and sharing, comfort and feel good factors.  The matters or content which appear at interface must be well balanced and a holistic combination of art, literature, symbols, diagrams, photographs, videos, graphics etc. Its main objective is to connect to people with their intellect, ethnicity, sense of identity, ego, obsession, belonging, choices and preferences etc.

4. Worth of your Inbound strategies? How far your strategies will improve your rankings and analytic status? Whether your matters or content, keywords etc. are search friendly? Those  should be impersonal, clear, concise and easy to understand. You must be organically strong to be found out naturally on internet and different social media platforms.             

Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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