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4 Reasons To Add Video In Search Engine Marketing

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You want to make sure you are visible to the people who are making decisions about you. When you build your brand on the internet means that you want your website to rank number one in the search pages. Your ranking on the first page will create high visibility to your target visitors. Getting visible to you means that you want to get recognized and remembered for what you are as an individual brand. Adding a video in the search engine marketing builds up your personal brand. 94% of most of the online users click on the first page of the search results and unless there is an intense research over a product or service rest 6% click on the second page. Most of the users if they don’t find the search results on the first page matching their keywords they tend to add new keywords on the search box to get the final results; these users do not even attempt to click on the second page of the search results.

The search engines are implementing blended search in different ways. Search engines have evolved around text contents and keywords in the websites and links to sites. So the question arises as an online business what could be a good step to make it happen, apart from focusing on text pages, Whitepapers, blogs, etc. What else you could do to stand out from the rest.  The content format has evolved and now content includes video.  You could spend some time in creating videos. Adding videos to your search strategy could help in better personal branding. Online video sites like YouTube and Vimeo could be good sites to gain traffic and visibility. Video searches are getting popular. The reason why a business could use video in search engine marketing could be as follows.

Video is present: Video is the latest tool to promote your brand. After Google, the most popular search site is YouTube, which has the most searches. Apart from watching movies and songs on YouTube, online users watch videos to gain information and knowledge. Example: Lakme brand uses online video YouTube site to show online visitors simple makeup tips on how to look the best for any occasion.

Video build trust: More than text descriptions or images that are being used to describe a product or service, online users would enjoy watching a YouTube demo of your brand. Build trust in your brand community by building a  deep emotional connection. Video helps you to connect in much deeper levels than text- based communication.

Video helps to stand out: Many of your competitors might not be using video yet. This could be an advantage for your online business.  A popular apparels and accessories online shopping site plays videos for users to choose the best products for themselves. Videos do go viral like the recent one kolaveri di. Videos like Do It Yourself (DIY) are also popular amongst many people.

Video is uncomplicated: To build a video one just needs a good quality camera or an HD camera, which will help you in editing, creating and promoting your video. You don’t have to hire an expert. Today’s cameras are user friendly and very handy.

Points to Remember:

I. Make sure you have a high quality video. Your sound and lighting should be good. A good quality video will build a good brand reputation.

II. Videos too need good keywords. Use the words that would be easy for people to find you. Online users usually type simple keywords such as how to download an app or Samsung mobile features.

III. YouTube is owned by Google. You could start creating videos on YouTube and then slowly move on to Vimeo or other video sites.

IV. Promote your videos by embedding them to your blogs, articles, social networking sites or other websites so that you get noticed easily.

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    • 5 years ago

      Siva Krishna Kota   /   Reply

      Definitely adding video(s) to the search engine will bring more value and branding as it is very catchy and goes viral, once it becomes a hit. “Seeing is believing” is the order of the day.

    • 5 years ago

      Rishab Sharma   /   Reply

      Yes, videos embedded onto website makes the site more catchy, and also one can record,upload and embed videos onto his/her website which don’t take much space also.

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