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4 Reasons To Start Adword Campaign For Your Business

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2In today’s digital world, it has now become very convenient for consumers to browse, select and purchase products and services they need. This has become possible due to Google’s search engine platform which brings together the entire internet into a small store, from where one’s needs can be met. A marketer can easily put his brand or product in front of the consumer and the consumer can also easily access the same.

Google Adwords is well known to be the best pay per click advertising platform which places ads along with the list of search results. The placement of the ads largely depends on the relevance of the query and is decided by Google’s algorithm. Although, the Google Adwords platform is the most successful and efficient one, it is also the most expensive of the other platforms providing this service.

Of the various features that a successful online campaign contains, the paid search is one of the most important one. One must attempt to market one’s product with the help of the paid search in order to grow one’s business. Following are some of the reasons one should look at doing marketing with the help of paid search adwords campaign:

Brand Positioning Directly In Front Of The Customer To Increase Business

Using the paid search, one can be present in the market 24/7. Even if the store is closed, the online market is always on, irrespective of what time and day it is. The customers who are looking for a product or service, can search for the same on Google and basis the adwords campaign settings, Google places it on the search list. If the campaign is set efficiently, then one can even feature on the top of the search result list leading to high traffic and conversions of sales. In this way, Google paid search provides an excellent growth opportunity to grow one’s business. For example, if a marketer selling Reebok shoes runs a shop, the same can be kept open for 10 hours a day. However, if the marketer also runs a website, which he markets using paid search adwords campaign, then he can get business at any time of the day, during any time of the week. He can increase his revenue by selling the products online, in this case, shoes and deliver them to the customers. Hence, in addition to selling the products in his store, he can sell his products online 24/7 with the help of effective digital marketing.

Paid Search Is Customizable And Targeted

Let us suppose that a marketer selling romantic gifts wants to advertise his products. A print advertisement will not be able to cover all the products and also attract the attention of potential customers. At any point of time, only a few products will be advertised leading to lose of business. With paid search adwords campaign, he can create separate ads for flowers, cakes, chocolates, wine, etc. for separate occasions and target the audience accordingly. The ads can be run simultaneously and this can lead to generation of sales and hence conversions almost instantly. Based on the performance of the campaigns, he can make the required changes in the keywords and settings of the campaigns to maximize the output.

With the help of paid search, one can create any number of customized ads, each of them targeting a specific product or service. If a marketer is selling a large number of items, he can do so by creating ads that target each and every product in his inventory. This way, one can reach out to the targeted audience with the right kind of product or service. For companies having a very large inventory, this type of focus targeting is very important. With the use of Adwords, one can attract customers who are ready to make an immediate purchase.

Paid Search Complements SEO

Search Engine Optimization is generally used for organic searches. Also, it takes some time to pick up speed. However, paid search starts giving results almost instantly. In addition to quick pick up, paid search also helps in gaining top visibility immediately. This helps in producing leads, sales and valuable revenue for one’s business. If one can allocate a budget to compete using paid search, one can get traffic to one’s website without any delay.

Hence, while the organic visibility is taken care by Search Engine Optimization, the paid search also leads to a successful campaign. Due to this, the visibility of the campaign increases significantly. With increase in visibility, the number of clicks leading to the desired website also increases. This will in turn lead to increase in conversions and hence revenue.

AdWords Accounts Provide Valuable Data

Running an Adword campaign is very beneficial in terms of collecting data basis which one can work to improve the campaign. The data received from the Adword campaign can be analyzed to see which keywords have performed well and which have not. The keywords which have performed well can be continued and the ones which have underperformed can be removed. This data can also be used in Search Engine Optimization to improve the organic searches. One can even take the data from one’s AdWords campaign and to analyze the conversion rate your traffic has. This can also help one improve one’s channel and determine areas which can be bettered to further increase one’s overall conversion rates.

Hence, we can see how using the paid search Adword campaign for one’s business can give very good results and helps in growing one’s business.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      When an organization allocates a budget towards a campaign, it is very obvious that extreme attention is paid. While generating paid campaigns organizations keep many factors like target audience, target group, use of correct content etc. in mind making it more customised for their target audience. All these tips in turn help a paid campaign to succeed.

    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Paid campaign is one of the fastest way to generate potential lead. Ad should be attractive,target specific and customized. As this is the costlier way of marketing one must take care of budget. But definitely tips mention in article are handy and useful.

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