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4 Search Engine Marketing Tricks To Attract More Traffic

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semWe have time and again faced this situation wherein our best laid efforts in online advertising have not produced the best results. What is going wrong is a question that one needs to answer to get to the solution to this problem. Is my keyword selection incorrect, am I not using the right strategy to advertise online, what can I do to stand out amongst competition, etc. could be some of the haunting questions to name a few. What are the few tricks which one can use in order to get the best out of our marketing campaigns and get better conversions?

Let us look at some simple search engine marketing tips to keep in mind to attract more traffic:

Think Niche

It is very important to ensure that our product stands out amongst competition. It is a well known fact that the product which gets better visibility has a higher chance to get sold. How can this be achieved? The answer is very simple. One needs to think of all possible features that the product has which is different from competition. No matter what the niche is, it is required to pull the traffic. Be sure that if it is a feature, someone will be searching for it thereby resulting in valuable traffic.

For example, we have loads of online options to choose from for clothing for women. Now, if a retailer intends to create a rush to his website, he needs to think of a niche in which his brand stands out in comparison to other competition. Now if this retailer is in the business of selling maternity and nursing wear, then this becomes his niche. Not all brands selling women attire sell maternity and nursing wear. Hence, if this retailer was to use this niche to bring traffic to his website, then he can make valuable sale. The visibility of his website increases and this would result in increase in volume of traffic to his website.

Location Targeting

While we would like the ads of our product to be displayed all across the world and to the maximum number of people, it would not make business sense to place the advertisements for the viewers in locations where the product is unavailable. Since one is paying for each click of the advertisement viewed under the PPC model, one should be judicious in using one’s budget spending and allocate the same for advertising in locations from where most of the converting traffic comes.

ltFor example, if a local restaurant in Mumbai is willing to advertise about its restaurant’s service of home delivery, it needs to ensure that the same is viewed maximum by the people residing in Mumbai, especially in the area it can give home delivery. It will be of no use if viewers outside of Mumbai view this advertisement as they will never be able to use this service. Hence, if the advertisement is made open to all viewers without applying any discretion, it can lead to wastage of allocated budget.

Negative Keywords

As discussed above, in addition to using unique keywords to bring traffic to the website, it is also crucial to know and monitor which keywords are bringing in traffic, but not meeting the overall objective of the advertisement. This aspect needs to be kept in mind while setting up any campaign. Negative keywords are strong keywords which help bring in volumes of traffic; however, they may not lead to any conversions. Hence, this also leads to wastage of budget.


For example, if the leading telecom operator, Idea Cellular Ltd. uses the name of its brand ambassador, “Abhishek Bachchan” as a keyword in its campaign settings, it will definitely bring in a lot of traffic of viewers who are interested in the brand Abhishek Bachchan; however, this traffic may not lead to any conversions. This is because, in this case “Abhishek Bachchan” becomes a negative keyword and should be categorised as one, in order to save money on valuable clicks.


Remarketing is a form of advertising wherein the ads follow you once you have come out of a website. This generally happens if you have come out of a site without taking any action or rather showing any conversions. It is a great technique and is used by marketers to lure the viewers with an additional discount or offer to come back to the website to buy their service or product. This has been a tried and tested method to get conversions out of the traffic that have landed on your website.

For example, lets assume a viewer who is interested in buying a weight loss product has clicked on a particular advertisement and landed on a particular website. After going through the content and various products given on the website, he decides not to buy anything and leave the page. When the viewer clicks on the close button, an advertisement pops up saying,” Hey, you have not done anything to achieve your goal of getting fit. Here is an exciting offer if you choose to buy this product in the next one hour. An amazing discount of 50%!”

Here, we can see how the marketer is trying to get back the viewer into buying the product by giving an additional discount. This is called Remarketing.

These are some of the ways in which one can strive to get the best out of one’s PPC campaign. It is important to understand that running a PPC campaign is not a one time activity and is an on going process. One needs to keep monitoring and revisiting each of the settings to see what works the best for getting the desired results.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Very neat and crisp write-up Sapna. Yes, with changing trends the marketing strategies also requires an update. Huge amount of competition is already prevailing. How to stand out in the crowd? This is a tough questions and the marketers are mounted with pressure too. Bringing out their uniqueness, remarketing, identifying the location where the product is to marketed etc. needs to analysed rather than wasting time and money with unwanted gimmicks.

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