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4 SEO Myths About Video Optimization Cracked

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When the key ingredients of quality content are jotted down, video certainly finds a place in the list and grabs a higher rank easily. This is because a well designed video is quite an effective communication tool and is used by the businesses increasingly. There are few myths regarding its optimisation on YouTube or other video sharing sites that get interlinked with the SEO concept for the same. Here are 4 SEO myths that should no longer confuse a serious marketer while he tries to optimise a video content.

  1. Number of thumb ups and downs better video rank

The higher the number of thumb ups acquired for a video, the higher will be the rank of the video on the SERPs is a myth. YouTube or Google do not give much importance to this simple action of hitting a like (thumbs up) button while ranking the video. The actual factor that controls the ranking of the video is the watch time and not the number of thumb ups and thumb downs which may be earned even from some bogus websites in a meaningless manner. If the video is frequently watched by people for some time or the entire length, then there are very good chances to succeed with SEO for the video.

  1. Number of places the video is embedded

The mere number of sites at which a video is embedded doesn’t affect its ranking until and unless the websites are chosen carefully and are relevant to the video. For example – a video is embedded on 1,000 websites that are neither related to it nor are good ranking quality websites. This will have no impact on the ranking of the video as the views on the same are nil. The ranking of a video increases by the increase in the number of views and not just the number of sites it is embedded in.

  1.    Number of shares affect the video rank

A video will rank higher if it is shared virally. The sharing action is a boon to video only when the time spent at it is also high indicating the viewers have actually liked the video and haven’t shared it just for the sake of it. So, time spent on a video is a real factor influencing its ranking rather than the number of shares online.

  1.   Adding transcript and text in the description box helps improve video rank

YouTube asks its users not to show the text part in the video. Doing this against the YouTube’s policy may invite strict actions such as deactivating the user’s account or removing the video itself. Hence, adding text in the description box or writing down a transcription of the video doesn’t help in improving the video rank. In case there is nothing to be written in the description box, it is fine to write down the transcription of the video and not to leave it blank. But a better option is to write a paragraph or just 2-3 lines highlighting the important points covered in the video.

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