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4 SEO Tips For Great Business Success

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downloadSEO is a universal strategy for digital marketing as it involves a search engine finding your Website and the content from all the media that you make available online. SEO deals with all the types of marketing that a business conducts online. Therefore, marketing tools like Social media, email, affiliates, press releases, forums, audio, video, webinars, blogs, PPC etc.,  all contribute in making your business website visible to Google and in turn the target audience.  If you are using SEO for your online business, then check out the following 4 SEO tips for great business success.

1. Fresh Content

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It has been repeated a million times already, and we repeat it again- Content is King! Give Google fresh, new and interesting content every week or maybe every month. Train Google to come back and crawl your website and find new content periodically. Take control of how much, and how often Google should visit your website and be able to find something new. Give Google a reason to check out and visit your website every day, week or month. However, be warned and do not keep your website inactive for more than a month at a time, because Google might just forget that your website exists. If Google finds newer content every time it visits your website then it will visit more often, but when there is no fresh content then Google’s visits will reduce, Google updates its indexing schedule accordingly.  The more often Google visits your website, higher will be the rankings. The same concept applies to the audience who require some new content to visit the website, however they are likely to ignore your website if they don’t find anything new. Therefore, give your audience something to read. The best strategy to train Google is to post something different at a specific day of the week and time so that Google knows when to visit and index your website and so does your audience.

download (14)2. Relationship Building For SEO

Do not live in a bubble on the internet; build lasting relationships with other bloggers or websites to improve your SEO. Try to connect with the up and coming bloggers instead of the established A-listers who already are well connected in their own right. The new bloggers are eager, ambitious, want to make new connections and are looking for growth which goes well with your growth prospects too, so try and grow together which will be beneficial in the long term. One of the best things to get noticed is to start linking to their relevant blog posts. Further you could write articles and send it to them for posting and request a linking back to your site. Interviewing new bloggers and promoting them on your website works well for online businesses. Once they notice your relationship building efforts, they are also going to try and help you, sort of pay you back for your generosity. However, try not to spam, provide only quality content to other bloggers. This relationship can grow further, thus reciprocity is a good strategy for online business success. People make the world go round, so build solid relationships to improve SEO and build a successful business online.

3. Build Links Through Directory Profiles

Build links by joining Directory profiles, business listings and promote your business from these sites. Also research where your competitors are listed and try to get listed on those directories too. Business listings also provide lots of contacts and links along with detailed information about the business. Your local chamber of commerce also provides business listings and websites for making new connections and promoting your business. Get accredited to all relevant business directories and listings also check out the accreditation of your competitors. Do not lose out on any business for lack of visibility in business listings. Business directories are also involved in hyper local connectivity where you can get some business connections. Many online business directories and listings might have your business listed but with incomplete information, so it is advisable to claim your listing and provide all the details. Also look out for listings which have the “follow” and “unfollow” option to link with relevant audience. Build your business profiles and network for better SEO.

4.  Domain Registration

Many web hosting and domain registration sites encourage customers to go in for private registration which means all registration information is hidden from public view. This facility can be a boon for spammers who like to keep their information hidden for various reasons. Google makes a profile for every website / blog and tries to get to know the person behind the site. As such Google has all the information related to what the site is being used for. Thus, spamming websites are generally identified and get blocked / blacklisted by Google. Therefore, when you buy domains carefully check the history of that domain and determine whether it is blacklisted by Google. Sometimes domain names can be deceiving and simple straightforward names could also have a murky past. Same thing applies to dedicated IP addresses too, check their history and see whether they have been banned previously. Buying blacklisted IP addresses and domains is bad for SEO.

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