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4 SEO Tips To Help Improve Page Rank In Search Results 

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Every business is competing to rank high on SERPs i.e. Search Engine Result Page and hence work hard to optimise their efforts in SEO exercise. This blog explains 4crucial aspects that can turn the course of SEO performance and take all the efforts involved to their desired destination which is nothing but succeeding in grabbing the highest ranks possible on the Google or any other search engines. The following are 4 SEO tips for the purpose.

  1. Quality content is indispensable

No business can even imagine its way to top ten results on the SERPs without making a sound investment in creating quality content. Any good quality content is something that is original (plagiarism free), reader friendly and informative. It should be engaging enough to gain the attention of the readers and motivate them to see the brand as an industry leader. The focus should be on generating content that reflects leadership thoughts and helping a company evolve as a brand.

  1. Keywords hold the key to success

While you are doing SEO, always remember to pay close attention to the keywords that are used and the density of the same in a write-up. It is good to target only 2-3 keywords at a time in an article. Using many keywords at one time will only result in the failure of entire SEO exercise. The density of the keywords must be restricted to 1-3% in order to achieve maximum ROI from a SEO exercise. There are many effective tools such as ‘Google Adwords keyword tool’ and ‘Google Insights for Search’ available online that help in determining the right keywords which the users use to launch their search for a particular product or service.

  1. Leverage social media

Use social media as a strategic tool to optimise the SEO efforts and grab one of the most desired top ten search engine results. Post engaging content on social media sites and the success of the same will decide the success or failure of the search result page ranking. When there are more number of likes, comments or shares on a post and people are directed to the main website via a contextual or general backlink(s), it leads to an increase in the ranking of the website on Google and other search engines. Hence an appropriate content on social media sites not only work as a part of social media campaign but also contribute its share in shooting up the rank of the website on the SERPs at the same time.

  1. Monitor the SEO results

It is necessary that the SEO results are monitored well and on a regular basis in order to make sense. Use web analytics software to obtain a clear picture about the results of the changes made in various parameters such as keywords, conversion rates or web traffic (organic or natural). It is important that the performance of all these focus points is measured accurately so as to make the necessary changes at the right time.

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