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4 SEO Tips To Rank Higher In Google Search Result With Social Media Links

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Generally when we refer to SEO to get higher rank, the first thing that comes into our mind is to customize the site content according to the various search engines guidelines. To rank higher in Google’s search results apart from this general technique of modifying the content, we can use various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When social media and SEO is combined, it gives us a new SEO technique which is called Social SEO. Now in order to appear higher in search rankings on Google here are the 4 tips that you should keep in mind to make your site SEO Friendly using social SEO.

1) Optimize Your Social Media Profile:

The first thing to get started is to optimize your profiles on social media. Often sites are not having properly filled profiles. Always provide the ‘About’ information of your site in profile and write the information which contains keyword relevant to your site. Keep in mind the word and phrases that user will use to search your site, and fill the ‘About’ information accordingly.

Google also enables the search users to provide with their location for more relevant search results, so to get rank in those search always include the local search information in terms of address, state, city and zip-code. Be careful while choosing the category for your site’s page as it is also important. Don’t forget to link your social media platforms to your website.

2)  Optimize Your Social Media Updates:

Optimizing social media updates means whenever you share any update using your social media platform handle, don’t forget to customize description of it based on the keywords you determined for your site. Share your update of social media platform as to give the SEO boost to it and it also helps Google to index your site’s page. Sharing on Twitter is must as Google index it faster (Indexing means Google save the URL in their database ). Try to use your site’s name in your social media updates.

3) Build Links By Making Your Content Shareable:

Sharing your content or social media updates is important as it helps in building links. Link building is a key factor in SEO which means to have good website to website relationship through links. When you have your site links on other reputed sites it helps Google to index it higher. Quality links is the word that is used to specify that. Comments, +1s and retweets helps you to get quality links. Always add social share buttons on your site to make your content shareable.

4) Sign Up For Google+:

To appear higher in Google’s search result, you should have a Google+ Business Page. No one likes Google+ that much then Facebook or Twitter but to get higher ranking in Google search you should register for Google+ Business Page and complete as many fields you can while registering your site page. While filling those fields, keep the keywords that describe your site in mind and fill accordingly. Apart from Google+ Business Page you should also opt for Google+ Local Listing ( Formally known as Google Places ). Local listing helps your site to appear in search whenever user searches for a local listing and it helps your business a lot.

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      Rahul Singh   /   Reply

      Very good Bhavik, you have given some important tips to optimize your website on search results

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