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4 SEO Tips To Rank Your YouTube Videos High On Google

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Video marketing is considered to be one of the effective methods for promoting business online. YouTube is second largest search engine in the world with 48+ hours of videos uploaded per minute.

So, it is important to do the SEO for YouTube videos as they share 40% of search engine results & 41% higher click rate in the search results. Given below are 4 SEO tips which help fetch high ranking of videos on Google:

1. Find What People Look For:

In YouTube video marketing, keywords & tags play an important role from SEO perspective making it necessary to find out on which keywords people are looking for videos in the related category. In order to understand this one needs to type the main keyword about the video. Also,  look for the top 10 keywords in the YouTube searches related to the  video which will help to create a SEO friendly title, tags & keyword for better optimization of the video on search engines.

2. Encourage Viewers To Socialize:

Encourage viewers to use social media i.e various social widgets should be installed for the ease of audience to share videos. Sharing videos on famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ will fetch comments, likes, re-tweets. This will further boost video rankings.

3. Include Video Transcript On YouTube Video & Website:

One should always insert video transcript for every video. The benefit of inserting transcript is that when search engines search for content & if they find transcript with helpful information, then it achieves high ranking in the search engine results.

4. Create A Video Sitemap On Google:

An XML sitemap should be created for the video in order to get searched on Google. One can make use of sitemap generators and Google webmaster tools for creating sitemaps which will help Google to search the video easily & get properly indexed.

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