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4 SEO Tips You Can Trust Completely And Follow Immediately

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video seoSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful source of traffic with infinite potential. With many small businesses turning to YouTube to promote their brand online and engage with their potential customers, the world of video sharing sites like YouTube has gained popularity quickly and has become crowded. Almost 100 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute and that can be very challenging for businesses who are looking to promote their videos and make them stand from the crowd. YouTube is literally flooded with videos on every subject, and finding its respective place and niche is the toughest part for business owners and individuals looking to make unique videos.

The most baffling problem is – how to rank high on YouTube? There is one solution which you can trust completely and follow immediately and that is SEO, Video SEO to be precise. Many people use YouTube as a search engine to find what they require. These people are generally more interested in content from videos and are high potential buyers and subscribers. Not so very long ago, if you simply posted a video on YouTube with a keyword in the titles, then it would easily rank in the top 10 for that keyword but now it is no longer possible. Now, you do need to optimize your videos too and that is where learning more about video SEO and especially YouTube SEO will come in handy.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet today and is growing rapidly as it is also owned by the largest search engine on the Internet that is Google. With a strong support from Google, YouTube is steadily building powerful algorithms for its search engine rankings. Let us discover the ranking factors used by YouTube, which will help you to optimize your videos. The ranking factors of YouTube are not as complicated as those of Google but nevertheless they are challenging. The most important factors (in no particular order) are as follows –

  1. Tags
  2. Length of the video
  3. Subscriber base
  4. Number of “likes” and “dislikes”
  5. Number of comments received and general social media engagement
  6. Title tags
  7. Retention of audience
  8. Keyword optimized description

Once you are familiar with all these above listed aspects pertaining to Video SEO, let us see how you can use these factors to optimize your videos. Check out these 4 SEO tips, you can trust completely and follow immediately to help you rank your videos higher on YouTube’s search engine results page:

1. Closed Captionscc

Closed captions or “CC” as it’s popularly called, is a button situated in the bottom right panel of YouTube. The global nature of the internet makes it necessary for closed captioning of videos to enable people from all over the world to watch and understand videos in languages other than their mother tongue. Captions help more people to watch the videos and share them and closed captioning is becoming a necessity.

Closed captions are search engine friendly as their crawlers visit the website and crawl the captions for indexing. The fact that search engines crawl the captions has been proved numerous times. For example, insert a unique set of text in the captions, and then search this text in Google or YouTube. You will most likely see the text in the search results. Writing closed captions is a tedious process as you need to add the start and end line timings and it can take many hours to complete a small video.

YouTube has recognized this difficulty and understands the importance of CC for SEO, so it has introduced speech recognition software. This software automatically detects the start and end of each sentence and matches it to the audio of the video. With this piece of ingenious technology in place all you need to do is upload the video and the speech will be recognized and captions synchronized with the video will be displayed. No wonder YouTube is now the leader in the Video search engine market. It is a no-brainer that a video with closed captions will rank higher than a video with no closed captions.  However, other SEO factors also need to be  in place for this feature to work.

youtube SEo2. Add the Script in the Video Description

While making your videos, if you are preparing a proper script then you can add the same script in the description. This is SEO friendly as search engines crawl the descriptions and will index your video.  Make sure you prepare and post accurate scripts to make it even easier for search engines to get to know the content.

3. Insert keywords in the Video file name

The first step in optimizing videos starts even before you upload a video. If you want to upload a video; for example, “5 makeup tips for brides” then make sure you use all the relevant keywords in the file name of the video. For example, the file name could be something like – “5-makeup-tips-brides.avi” or something similar. Something like, ” MOVO5678.avi” is not going to be meaningful. The viewer will not be able to view the file name and does not care about it; however, YouTube has access to this file name and will give relevancy credit to the file name if it has the appropriate keyword. A file name with a keyword simply reassures YouTube that the video has content relevant to its name.

4.  Authoritative YouTube Channelyoutube rank

Posting videos on a fresh and brand new channel will not have the same SEO power as posting the same video in the older, well established and reputed channel containing many good videos. Video SEO is similar to your usual website SEO where posting article on a  reputed, high profile website vs posting articles on a fresh website is as different as chalk and cheese.  So, try to post videos on an older and reputed channel as it is more likely to get viewed and shared. It is highly likely that the video will get higher rankings and increase in the number of “likes”. So, it is highly recommended to have established channels for each of your niche and to avoid posting videos on fresh channels. Furthermore, avoid posting irrelevant videos in older channels as they will spoil the SEO power of all the videos on that channel.

The above mentioned 4 SEO tips are tried and tested so you can trust them completely and follow immediately to optimize your videos on YouTube and other video sharing websites.

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