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4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Highly Increase Your Profits

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Highly Increase Your ProfitsSocial media became an integral part of our business and personal relationship nowadays. Research studies shows that, Americans spent more time in social media when they go online.

Let us go through some of the real facts about social media users.

  • 86% people believe that social media is an important part of their business.
  • 88% of people are still looking for the most effective social media tactics to engage with their audience.
  • Nine out of ten marketers consider exposure as the most important benefit that they can get from social media marketing.

Here are four social media marketing tips to expand social presence and improve potential for more sales, traffic and client relationships online.

1. Make A Solid Social Media Marketing Plan

This is the first and foremost point that any marketer should consider. Here are few important points that a marketer need to follow:

  • Do thorough research in the market and know more about audience interests and consumer behavior.
  • Identify the most effective social media platform to reach out to each target audience.
  • Get more information about competitors and the market.
  • Compile all these information in Google Docs Spreadsheets or any other effective editorial calenders online. This tool will help marketers to collaborate their marketing plan with other team members.
  • Encourage social media team members to connect and engage with all followers on social media networks.

4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Highly Increase Your Profits

2. Measure The Effectiveness Of Social Media Marketing Activities4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Highly Increase Your Profits

It is very essential to set goals in social media activities to see the real success in social media marketing. Set objectives and goals and track them periodically to ensure that everything is on the right track. Marketers do track their activities, but very few of them use the information gathered back to their business.

Look at some of the interesting facts mentioned below:

In a recent market research study from Altimeter indicate that 53 % of companies have created metrics that features the positive impacts of social activity on optimizing marketing. However, not even half of these companies have made a system that measure the effects on brand health and customer experience. More than that, only 24% of these companies have demonstrated the effect of social activity on revenue.

In fact, most reputed companies have a full fledged social media marketing  team. However, only 52% of these companies have their executives aligned with the social media strategy.  In short, a social media plan should have an accurate measurement and a cross-enterprise approach to make it more effective  and advance to the higher level.

3. Give 100% Commitment To Social  Customer Service4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Highly Increase Your Profits

Whether the company use social media channels for customer service or not, majority of audience expect better response and customer support when connect with the company via its social media site. Research studies shows that 42% of customers with a complaint raised via social media networks expect response in less than 60 minutes.

These issues can be solved with more systematic and planned approach. If a company is planning to have a strong presence on social media then it should assign a social media chat responder to monitor each channel. This responder should be provided an access to a troubleshooting library that address all common issues. Give proper training to all responders and teach them to be creative  and consistent while responding across all social media channels. Remember, problems and issues raised on social media channels are a great chance to connect with customers and engaging with our brands. Never ignore any comment posted on social media channels instead use them as opportunities to build relationship with customers.

4. Improve Listening Skills With Social Listening Software4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Highly Increase Your Profits

When there are many audience to address, it will be very difficult to listen and understand all of them. Social listening is an essential thing to connect with customers and prospects and social listening to a large scale audience need a special social listening software. This software can be integrated with the customer database. This system allows marketers to reap the maximum benefits from the personalized interactions happening online.

This software has an option to set up alerts on specific keywords which allows marketers to respond to certain issues immediately. This application is also helpful to keep better engagements with socially active people and to establish leadership in the segment. Use social listening software to manage activities in a more effective manner. This application is very much essential to any company which is serious about its social presence.  Here is a link to one social media listening software, Social Inbox.

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